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Screen with prompt 'press space to load' has a glitchy look

ApianApian Member Posts: 2

The screen after the cut scene has this indescribable look, it happened when i was playing a survivor game when a team mate cleansed a "Haunted grounds" totem, and when it did it explosion, my screen froze playing only the audio for about 5 minutes before i tried hitting 'Esc' and 'Alt + F4'; really didn't do anything until it crashed and it wanted me to send a crash report, so I did, but God knows if anyone will read my crash note. After that I loaded up my game, and that's when it did the glitchy screen after the cut scene and crashed; I've then turned off my PC for the night, then this morning i loaded it up to find the exact same glitch.


AMD FX-8370 Eight-Core Processor @4.00 GHz

Windows 10 Home

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960; 2 GB memory

These 3 pictures below were took with my phone. As you can see theres these white tiles, red and green colors on the screen and they were strobing like a christmas dance club, after <10 seconds of it turns to a grey screen then crashes without letting me send a crash report then my monitor goes to power saving mode which means it shuts off. The 3rd picture is really close up to show the detail.


  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 1,417

    Um... I hate to tell you this... but that means your graphics card is likely dying.

    If you're VERY lucky, it's just overheating. If you're confident on working on the inside of your PC, I'd disconnect the power and check out the graphics card fan/heatsink and see if it's particularly dusty.

    If it's not, then good chance it's time for a new graphics card.

  • ApianApian Member Posts: 2
    edited August 2019

    Thanks @KhaineGB you were right! I bought a new graphics card before you replied and now it runs questionably quiet meaning less power drawing and overheating. I now have the Amd msi radeon 580 @8gb. so now I have parted out Geforce gtx 980. I want to know the problem so I can potentially fix it and sell it... OR put it in my computer having a total of 2 gc's, I have googled a little about it and probably should not do it because it wouldn't increase performance but hypothetically it should double, right? P.S. sorry for taking long to reply :D

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 1,417

    Sorry it turned out to be the GPU. I think that specific error is actually something related to the RAM modules.

    Unfortunately, nVidia and AMD don't play nice together... I already tried with a 980Ti and an R9 280X just for a laugh. :D So you wouldn't be able to run 2 GPU's together.

    Personally I'd sell it as-is using the pictures that you've posted on here to show the issue. I'm sure someone would buy it to try and fix it.

    Whatever you do, do NOT do the "oven method" to try and fix it. I'm pretty sure it can be fixed, but it needs proper SMD rework equipment to do it.

  • JonnykivJonnykiv Member Posts: 5

    Depending on when and where you bought it you may be able to claim for a replacement under warranty, if you're lucky. Could save you some cash if you're able to.

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