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Fun Post from my FBMsgr šŸ˜…

AissakurAissakur Member Posts: 9


  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 3,393

    Have fun with that. Torture porn generally isnt my cup of tea, especially after I saw the movie Hostile.

  • AissakurAissakur Member Posts: 9

    Like with a lot of the Movie characters in DBD, I just found the story interesting, but yeah I hate gore. But I'm becoming an adult lately, so I braved through & it was quite watchable. Mostly drama & even many nice moments. It teaches that evil can't force us to do anything, only love can. Good story, I will continue. Of course Jigsaw represents evil but also mixed with the authority of guidance in our lives. Reminds me of how The Morrigan has been guiding me more lately. The film series has a lot of spirituality to it, like Jigsaw's backstory, which you can read in DBD.

    Thank you for the warning, yet I knew how it was advertised. Actually it isn't detailed, very off camera & faky. Also it's probably a joke but please don't say torture porn literally, like the film didn't even have making-out in it, ha šŸ˜„

    Anyway, I'm finishing Halloween today, the 1st one. I've already seen H2O & the recent one too.

    Mostly, everyone just enjoy the art. Especially, if you've become a fan of The Pig killer in DBD. & If you have any questions about the content quality/warnings of the SAW Series, please ask me here. Gore can be disturbing if it's not at a level you can handle, one must pace themselves with a horror series eitherway.

    Suicide isn't worth it & we all have eachother to live for:

    Death Is Not An Escape,



  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 3,393

    You misunderstand. I wasnt making a joke, that type of movie centered around long drawn out gore is actually called that.

  • AissakurAissakur Member Posts: 9

    No I get you but that is only in quotes as in tongue-in-cheek. Like there actually is a genre of porn and hentai tho maybe It's not called that I wouldn't know

    Anyway I came back to say that honestly I can be too positive. I hate gore and that movie definitely has some disgusting & disturbing parts. I don't wish to watch any more of the films. It's too bad I like a lot about the story and Jigsaw et al but the story is tragic and not very redemptive. Also there's too much symbolism and the whole thing is just fantasy and it's lessons are not clear nor accurate.

    The man on the news who was "inspired by this movie" and saved his life that way

    Was an idiot. Even a doctor like in the first Saw should know you only dislodge your ankle joint. Nothing else!

    Thank you for your honesty @LordGlint

    Yeah the only great thing about Saw is what DBD did and that actor's voice acting who plays Jigsaw heh pretty much... Anyway peace everyone

    I'm kinda done with this post

    Let it be a warning to those that are unsure of watching Saw

    This is for You even if you do watch

    Make sure you aren't disturbed

    Then if you can go ahead and enjoy the story of the series I feel it gets better

    Though it is not at all for me

    And I would not suggest it to people under 30 let alone under 40 like me ugh *shutters* I mean I personally wouldn't go and suggest it to anyone haha

    Well see you in the Fog

    I'm going back to the game šŸ˜…

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