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Make killers pass a minimum 50mbps upload test



  • StrickxNyneStrickxNyne Member Posts: 230

    Or, stay with me. Host can be given to the best internet connection connected like every other good game in 2019. Game loads, checks ping and upload speed, realizes only 1 person or no person will have a bad connection if host is passed to X instead of Y and now lag is fixed. Again, if people stop playing because they cannot have host because they are lagging matches, ✌🏽.

    There is no logical reason to cry for and demand host on bad internet unless you can only win via lagging matches out. I've had killers in my inbox just last night saying they'd have had the win if their internet didn't DC the entire match. I have a feeling a lot of you failed to read what I wrote, don't understand Xbox console issues and think I'm requesting you be banned over just taking your host away. I'm not the least bit surprised by the responses though. In a quest for people to always be right or blame someone else, they have failed to take notice that I've simply requested host go to the person in the match who can in fact handle it.

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