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Any karma moments as a killer you'd like to share?

CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 981
edited July 29 in Media Lounge

So... Purple ranks, I used lots of BP to get the Spirit to level 14 and try her for the first time... The team owned me but a survivor decided to stay and teabag me... KARMA IAB! LMAO!


  • VuDjuBuhVuDjuBuh Member Posts: 17

    Exactly this but I was trapper and they where running in circles so I had to time my hit. very nice.

  • mutabletiger4mutabletiger4 Member Posts: 153

    Pre-rework freddy, david t-bags at gate, david goes down. 2 other survivors leave, adam runs to the hook as he's falling asleep. I grab adam as he's unhooking. A 0k became a 2k

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 2,042

    I was playing nurse, and there was a survive with friends team. They knew I had Rancor and a mori (I was frustrated about SWFs). So I down the obsession at endgame, then hit one of their teammates.

    I mori the Laurie (obsession) and the one I hit came back and tbagged them. Then I down them just before the exit gate and mori the tbagger. That felt like karma to me.

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 937

    Don't have a clip atm but I was playing a match as Huntress, a Jake was teabagging me at some point and soon after, jumped in a locker to avoid my hatchet. He didn't realise I had iron maiden until it was too late.

  • MasantonioMasantonio Member Posts: 2,066

    This happened to me but with Nurse. Ash decided to be cocky.

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