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What the Devs should really change?!

TLToInfinityTLToInfinity Member Posts: 18
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I see all the time on this game, and on the forums, that some killers (nurse, Spirit) have no counter play, and usually it’s survivor mains. I am a rank 1 on console for both killer and survivor, been that way for at least a year. There is no way you can tell me that killers (Nurse, spirit) have no counter play when you have maps that still have almost Infinity’s.

For example you have Ironworks of Misery, if you have the nerve to say Nurse is breaks the game, then why are you not saying this window breaks the game, the only killer that can counter it is nurse... Then Rancid Abattoir, this map it’s rng but it’s just the same as Ironworks.

Now on to jungle gyms, only spirit and nurse can counter them. You nerf them every game at red ranks will be 6 minutes of gen rush’s with maybe 2-4 downs.

Then the insane amount of pallets on the preschool maps. Like seriously who’s bright idea was it to lower the distance between pallets on Freddy’s map. That map and all the different variations makes me cringe, once again only spirit and nurse can counter it.

The game map, yes the map can be a good map for some killers if the survivors don’t go for the 100% no mind game pallets like by basement or above the basement. Even spirit can’t counter the pallets by basement?!!

I understand every map can’t be killer friendly but why does mothers dwelling have an infinite in the main building lol, on top of like 20 pallets? Then blood lodge, why so many pallets in the middle of map if you have at least 4-5 jungle gyms on the sides of the maps. Disturbed ward 5 main building pallets and it’s rng but at least 2-3 are usually 100% non mind game able, and you still get shack and jungle gyms.

Double windows/ TL Walls are fine they at least inspire counter play?! Wreckers Yard double main building window is still pretty close to an infinite, once again only spirit or nurse can stop it.

Haddonfield has the basement building that is insane to deal with because of the triple windows that rng spawn, if you keep the windows why have a get out of skill pallet downstairs, how about just get rid of the pallet? (By the way the basement house is also on preschool!!!)

If you even changed half of these maps I bet you’d see more killers be considered good not viable, I’m talking like (Doc, Myers, Clown, Ghostface, Legion.) Then you mite want to buff Trapper, Wraith, And Leatherface because they are jokes against the best survivors, At best you get 1 or 2. Then let’s buff Doc and give him his moldy Electrode as his default shock, that way he isn’t forced to run one add on or its gg. Then let’s up hags movement speed by just a tiny bit, because your a killer without a power if the survivors bring flashlights (which I’m completely fine with, it’s counter play) and your the slowest killer not named T1 Myers.

Why does leatherface have slower charge time that billy? His chainsaw can down multiple people ok? But billy has insane map pressure and leatherface if he graces the smallest thing will go afk swinging his chainsaw for 10 seconds, while billy it can be low as 2-5 seconds??? Plus unless your camping the hook when do you ever get more than one person down with your saw?

Trapper - He is not good because it takes you forever to go to each individual spot you want to take away on maps (Explained them above) that your ruin (I’ll get to perks in a minute) will be gone and a gen or 2 mite be done, either make it to we’re he can place them before the game or you guys the devs place some to start in certain spots on maps.

Wraith - I got a lot of beef with this killer first, Flashlights counter him (don’t mind this again it’s counterplay) Why does certain interacts like spirit fury, not take you out of cloak, stunning you with a pallet, or flashlight does, but spiritfury (which by the way is a stun to active spiritfury) doesn’t?! Why does it take so long to go out of cloak? Honestly pretty sure I could charge Billy’s chainsaw before you could uncloak with wraith (of course add on depended) and you hit them one time for doing it, compared to a chainsaw.... Also is he supposed to be a stealthy killer?? If he is then why can’t he pull people off gens? You made it to ware ghostface and Myers can with no terror radius, and spirit with gen grabber. Give wraith some counterplay at least to something.

Ghostface - this goes for certain killers like (Wraith, Ghostface, Pig when crouching,) Why does object of obsession see them when they’re using there power? Especially ghostface it kills his power. Then continuing with Ghostface, why after you buffed him In the test server did you nerf him, he’s a basic attack killer (He can still be looped?!?!?) his power is the only thing that separates him from being wraith tier, and it’s not fun being a “stealthy killer” yet survivors can break you out while behind fences, or before you can even see them?!

Those are the killers I think are in desperate need of buffs the killer I don’t think need buffs are (Nurse, Spirit, Billy, Plague, Pig, Legion, New Freddy, Myers, Huntress,) Some of you May say “well why doesn’t Myers or Legion need a buff” well if they fix the maps like I said above then I think they will be much better, before I move on to perks nurse does not need a nerf “right now” maybe if they changed the maps like I said above or the perks I’m gonna mention, then yes she may need it, but as of this minute she doesn’t need a nerf.

Now onto perks, gonna start off when killer perks then go to survivor perks, I’m only gonna talk about the the good perks or horrible perks.

So first for killer:

  • Remove noed, perk makes no sense, it’s just a super handicap for late game and it’s not skillful at all.
  • Next is Ruin, Good survivors can do ruin “skill” checks very easy, to you people complaining about ruin, sorry ruin brings skill, if you can’t handle that then why play dbd? Continuing with ruin either A make the totem spawns “INSANELY” better, or B change the perk like some you tubers are saying “TruTalent”.
  • Barbecue and Chili, why not put the reveal survivors on a different perk or a new perk entirely, and put the bloodpoints perk as a new perk to each survivor you hook, you still get the bloodpoint booster but you also get a movement speed buff for 5-10 seconds. Hexes besides noed and Ruin,
  • The Third Seal - Make it to ware there screen gets blurry, and they get visions of the killer (Similar to doctors madness).
  • Huntresses Lullaby - Instead of survivors knowing you have lullaby off a skill check, how about tell them after the killer hooks a survivor then tell them.
  • Thrill of the Hunt - it’s affect is fine just make thrill a passive so it can’t be cleansed and you have the affect the whole game. That way game loads in and you don’t insta lose thrill then realize your down to 3 perks.
  • Devour is fine.
  • One last killer perk for this post, Tinkerer, old tinkerer was awesome then you changed it, why?? It helped so many killers and it was a good perk now this tinker is horrible, revert the change #bring back old tinker.

Now on to survivors:

  • First Deadhard, why is this perk even a thing, it just makes no sense “dash forward” more like “free immunity frames” especially seeing the devs want to make green ranks better then why is deadhard a thing?!
  • Next object of obsession I touched on it above, its suppose to be a risk (killer knows where your at so he can easily get you) or reward (you can see the killer so you can make call outs in comms) what the perk actually does is (I see the killer then run to pallet to pallet, then can counter certain killers all together with ZERO counterplay) You wanna fix Object, make it to ware if your running that perk your exposed.
  • Adrenaline, You get the speed buff for 10 second and you don’t heal? The healing part breaks the perk. I know self care isn’t the best perk but just remove it, make it to ware if you want to get healed find a teammate, also up the points for healing.
  • Decisive strike, pretty simple change (if you get unhooked d-strike activates but if another survivor is hooked then D-Strike shuts off) that would punish people for just yolo saving with borrowed.
  • Ok so next one is a combination of perks, combine Borrowed time and we’re gonna live forever, if you save a teammate when the killers camping then you get borrowed for him, but you also deserve a reward to for putting yourself in that position.
  • Mettle of Man, we have 2 options here, make it to we’re you combine We’re gonna Farm forever and mettle of man, so after 3 successful saves you get mettle, or revert the change to mettle, ware if you take 3 hits you get a mettle stack, but make it ware you have to mend and you can’t heal for 120 seconds after the effect procs.
  • No Mither, combined No Mither and Resilience, take away the 50% noise reduction, get rid of the recover for the dying state, keep the don’t leave blood behind. Then you have a perk where your one shot, but you can do pretty much everything faster, and combined with Ironwill your hard to track.

That’s all I got, I’m open to an ideas about anything you mite have balance wise. I also mean balance not (You said nurse isn’t op your Wrong) if you respond please give facts or numbers not “your wrong” with no other examples or facts. My Gamertag In Xbox is TL To Infinity feel free to message about any of this, also these are my ideas, or of you tubers, or someone people I know so not all are 100% mine but a good 85% are mine anyway have a goodnight :)

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  • TLToInfinityTLToInfinity Member Posts: 18

    lol So you complain that I didn’t do paragraphs, and I’m apparently whining when I was saying how to change certain things instead, of saying oh this op nerf now?

  • TLToInfinityTLToInfinity Member Posts: 18

    Yea a lot to discuss, unfortunately like the two people stated I didn’t do paragraphs but I also wrote that in my iPhone notes and it isn’t easy to paragraphs on a phone.

  • VampyVampy Member Posts: 67

    I have never seen such a horribly formatted wall of text in many many moons...

    Your country's education system has failed you, and we have paid the price

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 3,014

    Jeez man, even I have better spacing than that.

  • savevatznicksavevatznick Member Posts: 320

    I say that because a lot of your changes are a bit short-sighted, even if I agree with some of them (like your DS nerf). You seem angry in your post, and it's also completely illegible. I think if you just used the "bullet" function and gave everyone a list of what you wanted to change instead of a brick, they'd be more likely to actually read through the whole thing as opposed to tl;dring it.

  • KeanuqwertyKeanuqwerty Member Posts: 121

    Hey TLToInfinity, you cant fix anything by strait up taking them away, thats not fixing, thats removing, also, WTF ThatsALotOfWords!?!

  • KeanuqwertyKeanuqwerty Member Posts: 121

    also you could have divided that post up into like 5 different posts in 5 different threads, i know that general is suppost to be for everything, but seriously, i am NOT reading all of that in 1 sweep, but if it was in smaller less illegible chunks, that would be much better.

    P.S. why are you so angry at the game? and why are you still playing it if it's annoying you that much.

  • TLToInfinityTLToInfinity Member Posts: 18

    at no point am I angry, I’m annoyed with how people see this game balance wise. Yes I could have done 5 different posts but I didn’t I did one so that you wouldn’t have to go post to post. I didn’t use paragraphs, but if your seriously criticizing me on Paragraphs what are you doing. If you don’t wanna read it because of how I typed on my phone then fine don’t. Your choice but don’t sit here and complain nonstop about it in the responses. Like I said at the end give me facts or ideas about what I did say in what I wrote.

  • ThanksgivingTittyThanksgivingTitty Member Posts: 26

    PARAGRAPHS ARE OUR FRIENDS!!! Like puppies or kittens!!! LOVE THEM FOREVER

  • KerbertKerbert Member Posts: 415
    edited August 2019

    [insert hilarious joke about this dudes inability to hit enter because that joke totally isn't overused here]

  • Rizzo90Rizzo90 Member, Mod Posts: 5,935

    I tried to make your post more readable, please try to use paragraphs and spacing properly.

  • TheWhiteDwightBroTheWhiteDwightBro Member Posts: 1

    @TLToInfinity I agree man. I've been playing since launch & although I don't agree on everything, I can whole heartedly say this game is in shambles. There's a very distinct reason why this game's playerbase has fallen drastically. As for everyone complaining about a paragraph... really? Everyone's reaction to your post on "grammatical spacing" has me laughing. For them all I can say is please leave the grammar alone. So he didn't use paragraphs. Cannot believe people actually sit sifting through forums on proper edict. 😂 - I will not be responding hahaha.

  • YohanYohan Member Posts: 169
    edited August 2019

    I missed what this looked like before it was edited. Anyone got a screen shot?

  • CronaWinsCronaWins Member Posts: 625

    Is there a TL;DR version?

  • nerfeverythingnerfeverything Member Posts: 52
    edited August 2019

    So you are basically saying that you don't like the game because it's hard and makes you strategize builds? Maybe try F13 where the perks don't matter and you can engage in mindless play. All of the perks you suggested fixing are fine. You may just want to try regressing back to purple ranks because red seems a little too much for you. Hey! Maybe, per the type of suggestions you made, the killer should only have to hit you once with a hard stare and survivors should start with the door open.

  • JagoJago Member Posts: 645

    Good writing mate, I love your insights. No sarcasm, you speak the truth.

  • NefariousPKNefariousPK Member Posts: 6

    You speak out against people claiming nurse has no counter play, yet you play console where the frame rate drop+lack of mouse control turning dramatically diminish nurse's viability. Of course she's no big deal for us on ps4. Playing against nurse on ps4 is just a big joke 19 times out of 20.

  • TLToInfinityTLToInfinity Member Posts: 18

    What are you even saying? The game is balanced around purple and green rank survivors. That’s why I’m saying what I did above it’s to fix the actual problems with the game not nerf Nurse, because everyone can’t deal with a killer that’s good. Like I said rank 1 in both buddy, the top 1-2 % of survivors should win the majority of games against non nurse or spirit killers.

  • TLToInfinityTLToInfinity Member Posts: 18

    I didn’t make my opinion based on just console, I watch youtubers and twitch. You also you say she sucks on console yet I can tell you 100% she doesn’t I’m fine with her even though she’s no my best killer. How about fix the horrible maps that make every other killer bad then you’ll see

  • OnionthingOnionthing Member Posts: 469

    Dude .. seriously, you are too awesome of a mod. Thanks for the formatting. I had a English teacher like you once, very patient. 🤗

  • PickCollinsPickCollins Member Posts: 495

    Imagine thinking Decisive strike is still OP. It has a counter. Don't tunnel. Wanna tunnel anyways? Slug or pay the price.

  • ExerlinExerlin Member Posts: 813

    You managed to make no mither even worse! Adding resilience and iron will to the current no mither wouldn't even be close to being busted, but taking away the infinite unbreakable and half iron will would easily stop the two people that run the perk from ever using it again.

  • nerfeverythingnerfeverything Member Posts: 52

    You didn't do anything to balance it. All you did was change things that add any level of challenge to the game in order to take that away. I'm also saying that maybe you can't handle the heat of high ranks so maybe regress so that things are easier for you. Nobody should or shouldn't win as an assumption either. There are too many variables for said assumption and only someone who wants a victory handed to them says something like that. Sorry man, but in this case of trying to balance a game you've only managed to make suggestions that cripple long term mechanics and make the game less challenging.

  • TLToInfinityTLToInfinity Member Posts: 18

    So your saying slug instead of implementing a easy simple fix, where if you tunnel you get d strike, but if you don’t, you don’t get punished by a perk that is in the top 3 perks in the game usage.

  • KerbertKerbert Member Posts: 415

    DS doesn't counter tunneling. It's a Get out of Jail Free Card that lasts a minute. A lot can happen in a minute in Dbd, Including downing someone you hooked a minute ago without tunneling them.

  • TLToInfinityTLToInfinity Member Posts: 18

    How am I crippling the game? Lol I’m simply suggesting fixing the non mind gameable maps, the bad killers, and op perks. Once again you think by leaving the game as it is? Or do you wanna nerf Nurse. Btw you saying making it difficult lol?! if Survivors know anything about looping or gens it’s gg, especially in 4 man Swf. The power role at high level game play is in the swf 80/20. Unless your nurse or spirit it’s gg. What I’m trying to say is make it hard for survivors to escape not make it easy everygame. Not fun when it’s challenging for one role, should be challenging to all roles.

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