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Community Artwork Submissions | Instructions

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edited August 2019 in Artwork Submissions

We often see a lot of amazing creations based on our game from our fans and we’d love to spread your hard work by showcasing your content on our social channels! Use this section to submit your creations. 


To submit content: 

  1. Submit your original creation 
  2. Title your post with the name of your creation 
  3. Give us your username and social media so we can credit you 
  4. Copy and paste the following in the body of the post and agree with these terms. (Add I agree with these terms) 

We at Behaviour Interactive Inc. would like your authorization to use excerpts of the following social media videos and/or photos from your channel. We would like to use such excerpts in order to showcase you as a fan of the game in promotional material on the game’s social media accounts on these websites: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch for a period of 5 years. In consideration, we will add your social media handle in the description of our post incorporating the excerpts.  

Please be sure to add the above to your post and state that you agree to the terms! We won't be able to share your artwork without it.

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