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HEAD ON needs this QoL buff

DaS_onlyDaS_only Member Posts: 656
edited August 2019 in General Discussions

Make it that after a stun the collision box of the killer gets removed till he his recovered (like after a hit or myers stalking) because to often I get stucked between a locker and the killer and some lockers (the back one of strode house for example) are in a way build that it always makes you trapped there.

Please, head on is already very situational and can be countered once they know you have it. Nothing more frustating than to get stucked when u pull it off.


  • PrincessPoopPrincessPoop Member Posts: 919

    Agreed, especially since it’s only a 3 second stun, and you spend 2 of those seconds just trying to get around the killer.

  • SeanzuDuckSeanzuDuck Member Posts: 6,320

    I agree with this.

    There was a locker in lerys that basically in a closed space, and I stunned the killer and just ended up having to eat a hit because I was blocked against the lockers and killer.

  • DaS_onlyDaS_only Member Posts: 656


  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,674

    That's actually a really nice QoL buff. And because i love Head On im all in for it.

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