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Need more friends on PS4 who constantly play DBD

Funnyjacket13Funnyjacket13 Member Posts: 1

I don't really have any friends to play with on DBD on the Ps4 and I really like to play Survive with friends


  • CorruptedCorrupted Member Posts: 12

    Corrupted-P1 Feel free to add me.

  • SobrevivienteSobreviviente Member Posts: 8
    edited August 13

    Hello everyone.

    I've been playing DbD for a week now. Always as survivor. I played 2 times as a killer and I kind of suck.

    I don't play games, normally, and playing DbD is kind of an exception. I have reached rank 15.

    I would like to make some PS4 friends and SwF, so that I can practice both survivor and killer.

    I'm in Europe, so I suppose times are going to coincide better with Europeans, but everyone is welcome.

    Is it possible to send personal messages here in case I don't want to post my PS4 username publically?


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