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What is a perfect game for survivors

HorusHorus Member Posts: 850

If a killer gets a perfect game its 32k whats the score if a survivor gets a perfect game?


  • Ember_HunterEmber_Hunter Member Posts: 1,693
    edited August 2019

    Usually 24K for me :P Higher if Killer let us farm bloodpoints.

  • deadbyhitboxdeadbyhitbox Member Posts: 914

    I think 26-28K is a perfect game for survivors

  • My_FarewellMy_Farewell Member Posts: 495

    Perfect game as a survivor is when i tbag the killer at the exit gate.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member, Trusted Posts: 14,021

    I think it is still 32k, self-caring gives survival points so 8k survival points is still possible although I doubt you’d achieve it without farming.

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 1,402

    It's 32k just like killer but the Survival score category makes it very unlikely as there's not really a lot of score events for that besides the obvious (escaping).

    Something like ~28k or more is basically a godly survivor game if you ask me and basically equivalent to 31k-32k killer games.

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 754

    Like other people said: From a point perspective, a perfect game is 32k same as killer. It's literally impossible without farming though.

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