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New Chapter Concept: Can't Fix the Broken

Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188
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New Killer: The Fixer:

Lore: Trevor O'Rielly was a kid who had no prospects for the future. So, he signed up to a construction company to try to get a job. He did well, well enough to get better and better jobs until he became a contractor. Unlike most in the area, he did everything himself, and was proud of his work. One day, though, the stairs on one of his previous projects gave way and the customer was killed. In a panic, he disposed of the body and repaired the stairs. In the following weeks, due to the pressure he'd never had before, his work became more and more sloppy. A lot of his customers treated him badly because of it. More and more people died through one flaw or another... until he snapped. He thought: These people don't pay me enough for all of their crap. I might as well make them suffer for all they put me through. So, he would intentionally design flaws in lethal ways, and pay off the relevant people to "ignore" those flaws. He made a sport of it. The worse the customer, the more "funny" the kill. However, when disposing of a body, he didn't take into account the 5 year old daughter of the widow he'd just killed. In a new panic, he chased her in an effort to kill her. However, when they ran out into the fog...

...neither were seen again.

Killer's Kit:

Standard Speed: 110%

Main attack: Depends on the "mode" of the killer during play. Hammer or Crowbar.


His main ability is called: "Rennovation". This consists of two states: Crowbar and Hammer.

While in Crowbar mode, he can take out the bottom half of pallets and force pallets down. When a pallet is tampered with, any survivor that goes over it will have it collapse and deal one state of damage. So if they are at full health, they will become injured, if injured they go into dying. If a person is under the endurance effect (procked mettle of man and borrowed time), then they will skip the immunity into dying state.

While in Hammer mode, he can hammer in wedges into most windows. If a survivor goes through it, then they will suffer similarly to Crowbar's effects above.

The Steel wedge addon can allow you to break stone, while the Iridescent Wedge can allow you to break steel.

However, with the Nails addons (Rusty Nails, Steel Nails, and Iridescent Nails), the Hammer mode changes slightly. Instead of sabotaging windows, you can board them up. This also includes infinite loop windows.

In order to be able to board them up, you have to collect wood from pallets. You can collect wood from tampering pallets.

Rusty Nails allows you to partially board up a window. This will cause the Hindered effect for 15 seconds for survivors vaulting through them.

Steel nails allows you to block one way. You can block both sides, but it costs twice as much wood. You can take wood from these to reuse on other windows. However, if survivors go through the one way that isn't blocked, then it will cause the Hindered effect for 30 seconds.

Iridescent Nails allow you to block a window entirely with a little assistance from the entity. Every window you board up causes the entity to Physically block it as well. You will see it's tendril grip the board. You cannot reuse wood you have nailed down.


"You Can't Even See the Scratch Marks": Scratch marks seem very dim to you, however, you can see their aura if they are behind walls, making it easier to track them at a distance. Max radius of 40 meters.

"They Do this to Themselves": Your ingenuity greatly impresses the Entity. Every trap set off (or disarmed) briefly show's the survivors aura. 8/10/12 seconds per tier.

"No witnesses, Not in my Line of Work": For every death, you receive a token. At 3 tokens, you can kill the next survivor directly.

Survivor: Mary Richter:

Lore: Daughter of a widow, she was a very isolated child. Hard times are all she's known, so hard times are where she has been forced to become good at. However, the true dark times started when a man her mother worked with tried to kill her, so she ran out into the foggy wood, and now is in the realm of the entity.

Note: This survivor is 5 years old.


Childhood Innocence: You have an inherent trust. Whether it be from naiveté, or from necessity, you trust others. Every survivor within 24 meters of you, Co-oprative actions are increased by 5%.

Isolation: You recognize that when times are tough, you must take things more slowly. For every person still left in the match, you have a token. When a survivor is killed, a token is spent and you can see the killer's aura for 8/10/12 seconds.

Midnight Lullaby: For every survivor hooked, you gain a token. For every token you can see the aura of totems and doors within 10 meters away. Stackable to 8. (Max range is 80 meters, which is most of the map, depending where you are. That means you can see all totems, doors, and even the Trapdoor if you're in a range of 80 meters to it.) Howeever, the hatch can only be seen at a max of 40.

So, what does everyone think of it? Would it work?

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  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96

    Power is neat! Wouldn't consider it overpowered IF you limit the amount of pallets/vaults, and make the vaults only if they rush vault. Hag and Trapper have similar abilities but wont instantly put them into dying state.

    Killer Perks:

    "You Can't Even See the Scratch Marks"- Behind walls is really strong no way a survivor can escape without going around a wall and seeing their scratch marks would make it to easy

    "They Do this to Themselves"- This seems fine sense you'll be able to find them most of the time anyways. So maybe to weak?

    "No witnesses, Not in my Line of Work"- It's cool.

    Survivor Perks: 

    Childhood Innocence- More selfish version of Leader/Prove Thyself, still useful though. For the perk I would just drop the token bit "For every survivor within 24 metres of you increases your action time by 5%."

    Isolation: So very situational but common enough. How long do you see their aura?

     You recognize that when times are tough, you must take things more slowly. For every person still left in the match, you have a token. When a survivor is killed, a token is spent and you can see the killer's aura.

    Midnight Lullaby- What do you mean Doors? like exit gates? Would need more nerfs though, compared to detective's hunch this is a much better version.

    Also would avoid having a child in the game, maybe a mentally handicapped person? Just not comfortable killing children in this type of game.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188
    edited August 2019

    Well, yeah. There are only so many pallets that it's power would be limited. And I'd say there are 10 traps at any time.

    And about the dying thing, It's just faster. If you get caught in that trap and he's right behind you, you're already downed.

    About "You can't see the scratch Marks"... It's designed for indoor maps and jungle gyms. It's mostly designed for beginners. You can't see scratches easily, but you can see them through walls (in a radius though).

    Maybe I'll add an aura duration of 4/6/8 seconds instead of scratches.

    Childhood innocence: That's a good idea.

    Isolation: You would see the killer's aura for 8/10/12 seconds.

    Midnight Lullaby: The thing about this is that if you play the game, you'll figure out where the doors are (It would only highlight the door panels, not them themselves). It's the hatches aura that might need some limits. Like, you can only see the hatches aura 5 m from you per token.

    This perk is also limited by whether or not people get hooked. It relies on the killer knowing what they are doing.

    So the Entity won't take children? I'm surprised it can even make that decision, but then again, we don't know how it thinks.

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