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Contest for new Characters?

B_RandomB_Random Member Posts: 25

I was wondering if the Devs could consider holding a contest for possible new Survivors and Killer Ideas, will full sets and stories. For Survivors giving them Perks, a Story and a look; but with Killers doing the same but with their unique power. Either just to gain ideas to help making new characters or using some of the communities ideas for characters. I have a few (2 Currently) for killer idea's with perks. But I was wondering if maybe they can hold a contest like how they did with cosmetics. But giving more of a chance to have 6 possible winners (3 for Survivors and 3 for Killers). I'd be cool to even see what the community might be brewing up.


  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 2,596

    Here exists a subforum for fan creations. If the suggestions are good enough, I'm sure they are considered for implementation without there having to be a contest.

    When it comes to a contest for perks and especially a killer power, I see a major problem: What if there is no idea fitting enough for being implemented?

    You don't have that problem with a cosmetics design contest.

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