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mark posts you already reacted to

Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 4,790
edited August 2019 in Forum Feedback

so, ive come by this problem multiple times now, where i enter a post that is a little older (a post i have been on before) and i see a response i find to be funny / i agree with, but i cant tell weather i have already reacted to the post before or not.

i think when voting a post up (or using the LOL / Awesome / Vote Down button - should any of those ever return) the chosen option's text should simply be shown in a different color.

that way i would be able to tell weather i already voted the post up or not - right now i need to press on vote up again and see weather the number goes up or down. and if it happened to go down, i need to re-vote up the post, which is just a huge timewaster imo and could be avoided.

thank you for reading

ill see you in the fog!

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