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Question about Legions lore.

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So, I'm kind of confused about Legions lore and have a few questions to ask.

Their lore says: "Frank Morrison was nineteen and had little to show for it. He'd stopped attending school after being kicked out of the basketball team for shoving a referee into the stands."


"His last move had been three years prior when his last foster dad, Clive Andrews, had picked him up from the adoption centre. They'd been on the road for seven hours before reaching a small bungalow in Ormond. It would be the longest time they'd spend together."

So before the events of the murder that Frank committed with the rest of Legion, had he been in Ormond for three years already and had just gotten kicked out of school before the murder? If so how come it took THREE YEARS for Julie to notice Frank and take him as her "ticket out of Ormond"? Had he gone to school with the rest of Legion and they just never noticed him or like was it something else entirely?


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    Edit: I think I can better say what I liked to say in a few points:

    -Frank has give up his school but he still moves around Omond. Searching for some sort of social contact, or friends.

    -He got aware of Julie - a very beautiful women in this town.

    -He tries to get to know her better and meets her more and more often.

    -In this time he meets also Joey and Susie.

    -Over time they start to trust each other and become friends (Julie his gf).

    -Then they start to do more and more risky and sometimes illegal things together until it ended in murder.

    At least I have always take it as that and imo their story text supports that and all that can take much time until it comes to that.

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