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Written stuff like original characters and lore

AlphiaxAlphiax Member Posts: 17
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Maxwell (Max) Graham (21)

Maxwell comes from a wealthy family with a very strict lifestyle. He was always told to keep up appearances and be the best at everything. He was well built and good at volleyball and he was a straight A student. He even “found” time to be head of the schools debate team. 

Of course all of this was orchestrated by his parents. When he got home he had to be in the gym for an hour then he had a tutor for another two and finally debate practice for another hour. Never given time for himself or love.

His parents one day arranged for him to have a date Maxwell was elated he thought finally my parents are thinking of me of how I want love in my life. Needless to say he wasn’t so lucky and his date was very boring, yes she was nice but she definitely wasn’t for him. He didn’t quite know why but he told his parents that he didn’t love her and wanted to find someone else. They scoffed and started to laugh “love doesn’t matter son this is about status this girls family is very influential in this town and you will stay with her”.Maxwell was devastated he knew it was too good to be true his parents never cared .

After volleyball practice the next day one of his friends Jarred noticed something was wrong. “Max what’s up dude you seem down today”. Max couldn’t take it anymore and completely broke down throwing things everywhere in rage and sorrow. “ I can’t do this anymore Jarred the smiling the grades the sports the debate team it’s all fake, my parents make me do it all and won’t even afford me the one thing I”. Max starts to cry and Jarred dumb founded to here all this decided to take him out to the bar. “Screw it all then let’s have fun tonight forget your lessons forget your parents let’s have fun”.

That night at the bar the two of them drank and danced the night away and Max felt free for once he felt something he couldn’t quite explain and then it hit him or rather it kissed him. Jarred a bit tipsy but still very serious kisses him and then said sorry and pulled back but Max knew he finally found love.

Meeting was very risky but the reward of love out weighed him losing it all. Max would sneak out of the house any chance he got still keeping up the facade for his family so he wouldn’t lose anything. This was stressful of course but he couldn’t tell his parents, but he couldn’t give up love either.

One night at the bar he was brutally beaten along with Jarred; Max tried to protect his love but in the end they both ended up in an ambulance on the way to the hospital in critical condition. The ambulance had to take a detour around an accident; down a seldom used road. The ambulance never did make it to the hospital maybe it got lost that night it was pretty foggy.

like the lore suggests Max’s life was always teetering between love and everything else at any moment he could lose it all thus his perks will be high risk high reward.

“Lovers last resort” (obsession perk)

While the killer is in chase with an injured survivor you can get behind them and jump on their back with the active ability button. This will trigger a struggle action for the killer for 4/6/8 seconds. After this you are thrown back 5 meters or into the nearest collision object whichever comes first. You are left injured and in the broken state for 60 seconds.

flavor text: I must save them love is more important then my life.

”true loves bond”

At the beginning of the match you will be bonded to another survivor. You can always see each other no matter what and actions including healing generators and unhooks between you two have an increased speed of 10/12/15 percent from base value. If your love is sacrificed you lose all hope actions are reduced 10/12/15 percent from base value and you can no longer see any survivor auras no matter what.

Additional info: this perk does not stack if two ppl run it they are bonded to one another the most bonds a match can have is two(there are 4 survivors so at most two groups of bonded individuals) one person can not bond to multiple people.

flavor text: in this new world you seem to have found your true loves soul residing in another’s body love will always bring you together.

“Love or lust”

When your love is hooked sunning speed is increased by 10 percent until your love is unhooked become exhausted for 30 seconds. If you are not the one to unhook them lose 10 percent speed for 60 seconds and become exhausted for 60 seconds.

Flavor text: A power within you has awakened and has fueled you. What is this power is it your love giving you strength to save them or is it just a lust for power that your family always taught you.

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  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96

    Not much of a lore guy but this is pretty neat. Now perks are what I can talk about and these look pretty good

    “Lovers last resort” (obsession perk)- The idea of an obsession perk on survivors is pretty cool and I've never seen anything like it. For the perk itself, you should specify that this is only for the obsession that you are rescuing. The perk is pretty neat but 20 metres back is crazy far. Also question could you use this to rocket yourself through the gate?

    ”true loves bond”- This is cool unless everyone was running it. It's also like a free perk to whoever was on the receiving end of this. Do they also get the negative if you die? Can people share bonds?Also isn't this also an obsession perk?

    “Love or lust”- So if you manage to unhook them you keep the speed boost? going 30% faster is mostly game breaking. I'd recommend having the 10% only while your "love" is hooked. Also isn't this also an obsession perk?

    Really cool stuff you got going here.

  • AlphiaxAlphiax Member Posts: 17

    Thanks so much the obsession part is still for the killer side just like how DS is an obsession perk.

    I don’t have much understanding on range do u think 5 meters would be better for the throw back

    when it comes to the boosts from lovers bond they only effect interactions with each other so I don’t think it’s too much but I see your point with the everyone using it thing so I’d have to find a work around on that

    the boost as stated only lasts till unhook and where is the 30% from?

    Thanks again on the Feed back

  • MajorSynMajorSyn Member Posts: 22

    I am a fan of this. I don't have much to comment on, I think you nailed a really cool setup.

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