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DBD Ash Williams Cosplay

TheOnlyShapeTheOnlyShape Member Posts: 5
edited August 5 in Cosplay Submissions

Heyo! Here's a few pictures of my Ash Williams cosplay! I cosplay mainly horror characters, with many DbD characters in the works alongside other horror characters!

Everything here was made by me, and I based my cosplay off of my favorite outfit that I use in game - The short pants and sandals, the bloody prestige 2 shirt and head, and Ashly Slashy (though I DID also have the power glove that I made as well)

My Twitter is S H A P E (@theonly_SHAPE)! Thanks for checking me out and allowing people to submit their cosplays!

We at Behaviour Interactive Inc. would like your authorization to use excerpts of the following social media videos and/or photos from your channel. We would like to use such excerpts in order to showcase you as a fan of the game in promotional material on the game’s social media accounts on these websites: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch for a period of 5 years. In consideration, we will add your social media handle in the description of our post incorporating the excerpts.  

I agree with these terms.


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