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Husband and wife Jane Romero and Ace Visconti cosplay

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Cosplay pic taken with Bruce Campbell at Flashback Weekend Chicago 2019.

He wouldn’t hold Ashy Slashy because, and I quote, “I hate that little sh*t!” Lol

Above Photographer: Celeb Photo Ops

Melissa Powell as Jane

Instagram: doctorgothic

Twitch: doctorgothic

Matt Powell as Ace

We at Behaviour Interactive Inc. would like your authorization to use excerpts of the following social media videos and/or photos from your channel. We would like to use such excerpts in order to showcase you as a fan of the game in promotional material on the game’s social media accounts on these websites: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch for a period of 5 years. In consideration, we will add your social media handle in the description of our post incorporating the excerpts.  

I read it and agree.

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