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Posts that quote a deleted post and make no sense without the deleted post should also be deleted

MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 909

I am not linking to it but right now there is a post that quoted a post that was later deleted by the mods

The post makes no sense without the context of the quoted post, but the quote had to be deleted / edited out because it showed a post that had to be deleted. I think that such posts should also be deleted because it's confusing to see random posts that refer to something deleted

Current policy seems to be to edit out the quote but keep the post. I think the policy should be changed

This is already being done in other forums where it works well as far as I can tell


  • makes forum more readable (no random posts that make no sense because the context was deleted)


  • possible snowball effect where a post is deleted, a second post that quoted the first post had to also be deleted because it made no sense without the deleted post, but a third post quoted the second post which then also has to be deleted. There is the possibility that a large chunk of a thread has to be deleted

In case the post still makes sense when the parts that refer to the deleted post are edited out then the post should remain obviously

Rulebreaking posts should be edited if possible to keep the parts that are not rulebreaking, I don't know what the policy on that is, it's possible this is already a thing. That way posts that quote the rulebreaking posts can stay intact because context is kept


  • MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 909
    edited August 2019

    This is unrelated to this topic but it's really dumb that the forum sometimes makes random lines bold: "Current policy seems to be to edit out the quote but keep the post. I think the policy should be changed" I did not make it bold. The inspector shows <strong> tags around it for some reason so it does not appear to be a browser issue

    Edit: Ironically this post was also made bold

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