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What do we think about camping killers?



  • ASAPTurtleASAPTurtle Member Posts: 968
    edited August 2019

    Personally, it's boring. Devs need to actually do something that prevents it for those players that desparetly want it gone.

    Waiting 7 minutes to get in a match only to have maybe 3 of it wasted cause some guy was either meming or being mad over previous matches is a waste of my time.

    I'm supposed to play a game right? Not spectate in one.

  • HiDeTHeB0diesHiDeTHeB0dies Member Posts: 18

    Camping is lazy and poor game play. Period. Extremely boring for all survivors in match and low bp. Boooooo

  • TR_stonezTR_stonez Member Posts: 45

    Killers that camp are just bad or do it to piss people off I get it if it's endgame and you wanna secure a kill but why sit there be unproductive. It's not fun starring at a killer thats litterally looking into your soul. Even if the devs can do something about it what can they do block of the hook from the killer if the killer has been in the radius for too long there is nothing they can do to stop camping. Except coming out with perks to perks to counter it

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 11,721

    Camping is fine. Killers are not your teammates, they're your opponents. You can complain about your opponents not making the game fun for you until you go blue in the face, but at the end of the day, your loss is their win. That's how PvP games work.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 1,788

    Sadly camping will be legit until every survivor punishes the camper to the point where camping is no longer a valid "tactic". I feel like there should be an intro in the tutorial where the killer is camping a hooked person and you're told to just do gens.

  • michaelkhjmichaelkhj Member Posts: 76

    for me, camping is okay, I understand when the killer has to camp, e.g. when all doors are open, or when 1~2 gen is left, or when the survivor teabagged, when killer is playing against SWF, when that survivor is overpowering the killer or when you see or hear someone running near the hook,

    I think no one is that fool to say "okay I saw you behind the hook but save your teammate I will go away and count to 100 in the corner then come back so you both can heal and hide again" and of course there are more reasons that I did not mention.

    but I disagree when the killer just camps just to make the survivor depip, a few months ago, a killer said in the lobby "at least 1 depiped with me" hahaha, first I felt not good, I was the camped one and no survivor came to rescue me, after that in another match a killer camped me just because I was not from his country, plus I had experiences about not being saved because I am not from the other survivors country. (I play solo)

    but know what? just camp, do it, make all depip, make everyone salty, if everyone camps why do you not? even Asian Streammers highly request to camp to win as killer in rank 1, do it! it is the best strategy!

  • Wednesday666Wednesday666 Member Posts: 15

    Im sorry but i don't think you have the right person. Usually im pretty cool about things like this. I just wanted to hear what others think that's all. Also do you play on ps4?

  • Wednesday666Wednesday666 Member Posts: 15

    Also i guess from a survivor point i get alot of hate msges too. I can't count how many times that a survivor is camped and i hide to see if the killer leaves only for them to die then in comes the go [BAD WORD] [BAD WORD] bs. One thing i truly agree with is there are some extremely toxic survivors. I actually still have the msg on my ps4.

  • Wednesday666Wednesday666 Member Posts: 15

    I actually did see this so thank you. Again just a discussion. For me i am against camping but others aren't and thats okay! I again just like talking about these kind of things. Hopefully this doesn't come across as rude.

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 1,580

    "What do we think about camping killers?"

    Man, you've stumped me. You've picked one of the least-controversial and rarely discussed issues in the game here, to be honest. There's not a single thread about this anywhere, that I can find.

  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 774

    I will respond with a question: what do we think about survivors who make camping work?

  • Wednesday666Wednesday666 Member Posts: 15

    Honestly that'sa really good question! Hmm. Can you give me an example?

  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 774
    edited August 2019

    @Wednesday666 Every single instance of not doing a gen. It takes 4 minutes to close the game. It takes 2 minutes to die on a hook, including first chase and still not fixed maps its guaranteed escape for 3 other survivors.

    Trying to kobe, killing yourself on a hook - helping killer.

    Waiting for killer to leave even tho he is clearly not leaving - helping him

    Tbagging and pointing at camping killer - oh I have one person that soon dies on hook and you guys show yourself and let me know that you're not doing anything... I am totally leaving now...

    Edit: This game is about time menagement, when will you learn this?

  • Wednesday666Wednesday666 Member Posts: 15

    So i think you would be talking about toxic survivors right? Correct me if i am wrong. I can't stand that to be honest. I don't like when survivors tease the crap out of the killer. No need to piss them off ya know? Sadly those are usually the ones who escape too.

  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 774
    edited August 2019

    @Wednesday666 well by your definition 80% of survivors are toxic... Its just lack of common sense on their part i guess.

    Funny thing, the ones that try to be toxic are most helpful to camping killers because they show themselves. If killer sees them doing nothing he takes considerebly smaller risk camping. I actually made a list of things that stupid survivors do if you are interested:

  • Wednesday666Wednesday666 Member Posts: 15

    Yes they are! Even to other survivors. It really sucks. I can't count how many msgs i got of some other survivor telling me to go commit non-alive and actually yeah! I would love to take a look! Also toxic survivors love to rat out other survivors. Now that's one that really grinds my gears lol.

  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 774

    @Wednesday666 its actually the main reason i play less and less. Its not killers that kill survivors, its other survivors in way too many cases and its just sad.

  • Wednesday666Wednesday666 Member Posts: 15

    @HazeHound I agree. I don't play as much because of toxic survivors. There has been times when i delt with toxic survivors to the point that i just let the killer kill me. I may not agree with camping but at the same time reading your post gave me a good insight as to why some do! I understand now that its apart of the game. To be honest because of my experiences with a certain toxic survivor that's actually why i made this whole post thing. So it got me thinking and wondering how other people felt. Even the ones who do camp. When i usually deal with camping killers i just move on to the next game and try again.

  • SkarkioSkarkio Member Posts: 564

    Au contraire! you are very polite and it seems you are a reasonable person, something we don't see often in this forum, it's refreshing!

  • Wednesday666Wednesday666 Member Posts: 15

    @Skarkio thank you! And to be honest i was a little worried that it did come off as rude. I try to be. I try to have an open mind and pick others brains to see what they think. I believe in healthy debates and discussions. I believe that everyone can have an opinion and its their right. So yes i may not agree but i still try to be understanding because i genuinely wanna understand.

  • DaS_onlyDaS_only Member Posts: 656

    "facecamping with LF is fine, but please devs nerf survivors tbagging and FL clicking"

    U can see some double standards of some people on daily bases on this forum

  • Wednesday666Wednesday666 Member Posts: 15

    No double standards here. I agree that being toxic isnt fun for the killer and the comes from someone who only plays survivor well mainly because i suck at being killer.

  • thisrandomguythisrandomguy Member Posts: 64

    Honestly it's fine in my opinion. I've been camped and I have camped and my mind hasn't changed at all since playing the game.

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