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Initialization error ???

KØzzieKØzzie Member Posts: 1

Hello devs ,

Im having a little problem with my game on xbox one and i dont know what to do I've honestly tried everything when i load up the game it says "initialization error the game game has initialized incorrectly and may not save your gameplay properly restarting your game may solve the problem" and i have done as it says also uninstalled and reinstalled disconnected my internet and reconnected and did a factory reset on my Xbox its becoming a issue because i grinded bloodpoints and most of my hours on xbox are on that game i also brought the dlc characters yesterday so i hope it works soon but before the errors happened it asked me to update tge game so i am now on 3.1.2 for xbox one i also heard you may have been working on the servers if so could you give me a estimate of when they will be back up

Thank you very much



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