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Streamline Huntress’ Locker Pulls

Currently, when Huntress opens a locker, she threatens the survivor with her Broad Axe and pulls them out onto her shoulder.

This is somewhat okay, bar the fact that sometimes a Huntress who wants to reload will end up pulling a Survivor out instead.

I propose a change;

When the Huntress finds a Survivor in the locker, she reaches in and grabs a hatchet, threatens them with it (holds to their neck or does the same thing she does with the broad axe), quickly puts the hatchet away, and then pulls out the Survivor.

This will save Huntresses a lot of time and trouble. Normally a Huntress doing a locker pull will drop the Survivor or hook them first to reload. If they drop the Survivor, they can escape before getting hooked; if they hook the Survivor, they can be rescued before she reloads. It’s a lose-lose half the time. This will just help the Huntress keep up her momentum a bit.


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