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Combination of Sloppy Butcher, Hex Ruin, and Pop Goes the Weasel

I love playing Dead by Daylight, but only as killer. When I play survivor it makes me so frustrated. I'm just trying to relax and have fun, but other killers are doing everything humanely possible to slow down the game. Which is completely understandable, but playing against Hex Ruin, Sloppy Butcher, and Pop Goes the Weasel all at once is painful. Even bad killers can win with such extreme slow downs.

I think a lot of people are feeling the same way, hence long wait times for killer lobbies. Survivors have been getting a lot of nerfs lately, with the healing nerf and generator nerf (a bit slower when multiple survivors are on a gen). Then sloppy butcher had it's change, and totem placements have been improved. These have all been good changes for killer, but not so much for survivors. I know the balance has to be adjusted but it's not been done in a fun way.

I would love to have sloppy butcher reverted to not affect healing time, or at least put it on timer like it is one of huntresses begrimed head add on. I'm always bringing a med kit with botany knowledge because I refuse to take that long heal time.

Slow down perks are important, but if you need all three on Hillbilly then maybe you should adjust your play style. Many more survivors are bringing in instant heals, keys, BNPs, but can you blame them? With so many annoying perks to play against might as well play dirty too.


  • Maelstrom10Maelstrom10 Member Posts: 1,922
    edited August 2019

    None of those perks you listed are over powered in the slightest.. if you have another person heal you, sloppy only adds 4s. 16-20s. It only affects self healing by a larger degree because that in and of itself was nerfed. Selfcaring without a medkit isin't meant to be the main method of recovery and if you don't want to rely on others you should be doing exactly as your doing and bringing a medkit/botany.

    Ruin isin't op, the better you are at skillchecks the less you'll notice it. Better yet it can be completely made void.

    Pgtw is a good solid perk that rewards leaving the hooked survivor and good play by the killer for downing someone. It gives them time back they lost chasing a survivor.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112

    I am able to beat these try-harding killers since me and other red rank survivors also are try hards. You don’t have to heal and ruin isn’t very effective against good survivors, PGTW is the only real slowdown you have there.

  • HiDeTHeB0diesHiDeTHeB0dies Member Posts: 18

    It is ridiculous. Nerf survivors making objectives nearly pointless..ramp up killers who still cheat hack tunnel and camp..💩

  • Andreyu44Andreyu44 Member Posts: 1,528

    Wait people use all of three on Billy?

    They probably need the 4th perk slot for NOED then,lol.

    The combination of these perks are fine by themselves,but its when you use them on high tier killers that becomes overwhelming for solos.

    I hope when we will have a second objective , high tiers killer will be nerfed accordingly >_>

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,704

    Thanatophobia and sloppy butcher combined have less impact on healing speed than selfcare, even with thanatophobia at full power. Maybe that combination of killer perks is a counter to selfcare and forces you to get healed by others or a medikit?

  • rayoxiumrayoxium Member Posts: 112

    Yea but I don't want to play try hard. But with all these being played you kinda have to to deal with these. I'm not a very good survivor, and I make quite a bit of mistakes. I want to have a good time and I'm not complaining about not being able to escape. These balance adjustments have made it boring, saying "it's not that bad" is pretty dense. It's not about difficulty, it's about having to spend extra time just waiting to perform actions. Of course it's not difficult to hold M1, ruin skillchecks aren't super difficult in themselves. However, no one goes into a game and goes Yay! Sloppy Butcher! It's boring. I play video games to have fun.

  • screamdreamsxscreamdreamsx Member Posts: 213
    edited August 2019

    There are 4 survivors available to work on generators and healing, and 16 possible perks, many increase speed of actions such as Prove Thyself, Botany Knowledge, and Leader. If you’re finding tasks too lengthy, use one of these, or an item. Sloppy butcher buys the killer only a TINY bit more time, not usually enough to have an significant impact unless all 4 are afflicted with it.

    It might be boring healing or having to work a little longer on a gen but it’s super boring having 3 generators done in the first couple of minutes as a killer and having no control over it. You get into an early chase? Say goodbye to a couple of gens. This is why ruin exists, to slow down the early game. Sometimes ruin is found instantly. Sometimes not for a few minutes, and can allow the killer to get a few hooks. Either way, it’s probably not gonna be in the entire game. Even with ruin, with multiple people on one generator, or with a good toolbox and/or brand new part, you can bypass ruin quite well.

    Pop Goes is one of my favourite perks. Taking off generator progress is a nice reward for hooking someone, especially if you’ve had to chase them, which allows others time for gen work. PGTW works on one generator per hook. If there are 4 survivors, taking 25% from one generator at a time really isn’t that much of a dilemma. Just tap it (since that’s a thing survivors can do) and stop it regressing more. Yes, this means you have to sit there a bit longer, but 20 seconds in the grand scheme of things is hardly something to whine about. A killer can spent double that running around a bad loop. I know which is more frustrating.

    Now, all 3 together? I can see why it might be a little annoying having to spend longer to do basic actions. But, if you play killer a lot, you know you have to slow down these actions, because some killers don’t have the base-kit to apply pressure and stall the game. And killers wanna have fun too (!!!!) so they need these perks so games aren’t over in 5 minutes and they get 4x “ez killer”

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 3,144

    Those perks mean nothing to competent survivors.

    Ruin is usually gone within 30 seconds, and the other two perks aren't that great when facing strong loopers.

    Usually killers either want to have anti pallet perks or tracking perks.

  • GalklifeGalklife Member Posts: 726

    well killers love perks that make QoL survs worse instead of increasing their own QoL (like help in chase, or finding survs), sooo more m1 job for survs, which is residentsleeper i mean fun and interactive

    well to those geniuses that are talking sloppy and thana is nerf only to SC not when someone is healing you, well SC with sloppy is 40sec, (but its 40sec for 1 surv) and when someone is healing you its 20sec (20sec for 2 survs, so 2 survs has to spent 20 sec =40sec) and still 40sec = half of gen (for ppl that doesnt know why survs doesnt heal just smash gens) and fun fact healing speed change was over year ago, but survs realised that (at least big chunk of them) because of Legion and not healing vs them

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 7,633

    that "gen nerf" you were talking about was implemented years ago.

    they just recently added a visual clue to the survivors that it is slower to repair one gen with multiple people than everyone on their own gen, but the time it takes to repair a gen has remained unchanged.

    now, your suggestion to change sloppy butcher would literally be a reversion of its most recent buff, which would immediately throw it back into the corner of perks that exist, but no one uses.

    PGTW is definitely in a great spot right now it does not need any changes and same goes for Ruin.

    Ruin is already a very time limited perk, it gets found and destroyed very fast in the majority of your games and good survivors are literally unaffected by it.

    i can see that it may be frustrating to face all of those at once, but the current meta is to just push through the gens and dont heal at all - which would render SB useless by default (and if you are selfcaring with SB on, im sorry, but you deserved that slow down xD) ruin is like i said very easily destroyed and PGTW will only work after a hook and on one gen only (it does cut 20 seconds off the gen, but still)

    TL;DR: imo the perks are all in a good spot. nerfing them would probaply kill them, so they should stay unchanged.

  • StrickxNyneStrickxNyne Member Posts: 230

    Everyone has great ideas like hey use this and that and these 3 perks but then survivors still have to counter camping/tunneling etc. There's no end in sight for survivors unless it's 4 man swf and then the killer barely has a chance. It's wild on the ranking and balancing. Put camping killers with locker hatch camping survivors and it'll force them out to play or it'll drone on for an hour of literally hide and seek. I like to blow gens, run from the killer, get downed, wait and hope someone comes to heal me instead of popped in the basement and guess who's on the steps until I die while 3 randoms hide in lockers waiting their turn. Game was stupid fun in green ranks lol. Killers ran around, scared you, chased you and everyone had a laugh. Now killers want you to be salty because they murked everyone in 4 mins. Yay that was a waste.

    TLDR there isn't enough perk slots to build for everything everyone says use to fix an issue. Survivors are sol if they go solo.

  • screamdreamsxscreamdreamsx Member Posts: 213

    Stay in green ranks then if you wanna mess around and have fun.

  • StrickxNyneStrickxNyne Member Posts: 230

    Lmfao because you can only have fun in green? 😂 😭 😭 😭 🤣 🤣

  • ItsYourBoyGuzmaItsYourBoyGuzma Member Posts: 799

    Incorrect the new pop is great and allows survivors to keep being idiots and touch a gen thats already been hit by pop. Ive literally kicked a gen 5 times last night at red ranks because of pops increased time. It was too short before any pop hellos weaker killers kill (plague, Michael, legion, wraith, clown, doctor, pig, trapper)

  • ItsYourBoyGuzmaItsYourBoyGuzma Member Posts: 799
    edited August 2019

    Yes they are idiots for touching a gen when the killer is running pop you 5head. If you're infected by plague and the killer with thana just kicked a gen you had at 75% now its 50 % and you're saying to touch it again as the killer just got another down.. GOOD JOB wasting that gens repair progress instead of baiting the killer far away from the gen you were previously were working on. The killer will now be able to kick that " popped" gens regression further down because it was touched... You're better off leaving it there and regrouping with an additional teammate to finish it when the killer is busy. Regressing takes like forever to hit zero VS pop dude.

    Yup pop is op , when you clearly have shown how you don't even know how to beat it

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,652

    Wow way to bash players because they dont like losing..your certainly a ray of sunshine

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