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Prestige 3 Reward - Killers

Wolff_BringerWolff_Bringer Member Posts: 85

Greetings fellow Survivors or Killers,

I had an idea while i was driving home. I was thinking about how to reward prestige 3. My idea is quite simple yet in my oppinion briliant. Everyone loves to mori other people, right? How about making something quite unique - Every Killer gets a new Mori animation when he is Prestige 3. I had some ideas in mind.

One of my new mori animation idea for The Shape as example is straight out of the Halloween 1 Film. It is the moment when he kills the one Boyfriend of the friend of Laurie Strode. Where he grabs the guy in the hair and stab's the guy in the heart into the wall. The animation could be the exact same - The survivor is wiggling wildly and The Shape is letting go of the survivor and the knife. The Shape then looks to the survivor watching him die in his creepy manor (shaking his head very slowly) and then grabs the knife again and the survivor collapse into the ground. Of course, now you need to have a wall for the mori to play out, and yes that should be the case. That is the funny part of Prestige mori's - You need something to interact with. (Maybe even give achievements for certain places)

Next one i was thinking about was the one for The Wraith. The Wraith doesn't need something to interact with - His interact Item is his bell. He grabs the survivor normally like he would when he was normally mori the person BUT instead of slashing onto the body of the survivor he goes in front of the survivor, bends down, smash the bell onto the head of the survivor and ring it on the head of the survivor. The survivor slowly burns away and of course, it hurts the survivor like hell, but The Wraith dont let go of the bell. The survivor (obviously) is getting burned and dies.

For others i dont exactly have an idea but i want to hear your oppinion on that! Great idea or not?


  • ElkElk Member, Trusted Posts: 1,333

    I think this is a cool idea. I hope that the Archives have this. Like if you complete a Killer's lore, you get a new mori animation.

    Trapper needs one. Maybe Trapper can put a trap on the ground, set it and get a survivor, forcefully push their head to it until it snaps close on it.

    The Legion, even if its complicated, each character has their own mori. Each one representing their personality.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,273

    Either Elk or your idea would be awesome, Moris are special even though some people don't like them, but who cares about them.

    I think all Amanda players would love for Pig to get this Mori :D we just plop a [BAD WORD] RBT on their head and it goes off.

  • Legion_Is_BestLegion_Is_Best Member Posts: 53

    For the spirit imagine she possesses the survivor then she ( the survivor would bang her head on the ground super hard

  • Wolff_BringerWolff_Bringer Member Posts: 85

    Well if they do something like that in the archive i would be surprised. They never touched Mori's and that would be a welcoming surprise!

    Well, i want to see some more mori animation and i totaly love the idea of each Legion has his own mori.

  • LuluTheLion13LuluTheLion13 Member Posts: 52

    What about prestige 3 survivors?

  • LuluTheLion13LuluTheLion13 Member Posts: 52
    edited August 12

    The clown could smash a bottle of the pink toxic onto the survivor. Then get his ring of fingers. And keep hitting the survivor on the neck and keep rolling until it cuts right through. 😂

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  • LuluTheLion13LuluTheLion13 Member Posts: 52

    The Plague could leave the survivor on the ground. Then she says her ritual. All of a sudden the survivor catches the plague and grows spots all over the body until they die on the ground.

  • ElkElk Member, Trusted Posts: 1,333

    @LuluTheLion13 Archives or Prestige 3

    Well survivors can maybe get voice lines, emotes, or an aged version of themselves as rewards. Voice Lines, because Plague and Ash has some. Emotes that express the survivor you got it for. Ex: Meg jogging in place, checking her pulse or Feng crossing her arms, looking smug. (This, however would make this less horror or whatever, but it would be cool to have) Aged Versions, i imagine as more torn, bloody original clothes, with them having scars and other things.

    For The Legion mori, i thought of Susie being more hesitant in doing her's; meanwhile Frank is not hesitant and more in to it. Jules and Joey, while i dont know what it would be.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 2,300
    edited August 15

    I would love more mori animations in general and they play out randomly. That way you don't get bored.

    The aged idea would work great too.

    That would be cool, however, have you seen the face under susie's mask. She delights in playing up the shy one. She actually is the most heartless.

    Bill also has one voice line, when he's picked up he'll ask "Why?" in the most pitiful voice. He should have more voice lines.

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  • Wolff_BringerWolff_Bringer Member Posts: 85

    I love the idea of the aged ones and the one with voice lines, but voice lines would be difficult for some character because i think some voice actor left the company or something like that (heard it in an old developer stream) also story wise it would be a little problematic because they said the survivor cant speak because the entitus punished them (hence why survivors only can make gestures).

    But voice lines in lobbys would be very cool. I dont like the emotes thing, but i would like to have every character has some minor animation changes to them. Everyone right now runs almost the same and everyone repairs the same. I would love to see some differences when playing some different characters and when wielding a repair box and when having some perks (like feng's quite repair perk).

    That would be very neat.

    Well i dont have any ideas for prestige 3 survivors. :P

  • Legion_Is_BestLegion_Is_Best Member Posts: 53
    edited August 19

    Maybe legion would take off their mask and bash the survivor over and over Except Susie who would just stab the survivor and drag them up then drop them

    maybe the nurse would blink into the survivor and then they burst (got the idea off of titanfall 2)

  • Legion_Is_BestLegion_Is_Best Member Posts: 53

    For survivor maybe killer looks for them

    i,e Meg would be the legion, Claudette would be the nurse, Jake would be trapper and so on and so forth

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 2,300

    Cool concept, but how would that work for Dwight? Or Ash? : P

  • Legion_Is_BestLegion_Is_Best Member Posts: 53

    Yeah.. good point maybe deadite ash

    and Jason Dwight

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