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what if Dark Deception and Dead by Daylight had a crossover?

Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 3,743

hey all!

so, just in case you happened to click on this post without knowing the game i am reffering to, let me provide you with a link to a lets play of the first level of the game:

so, now that everyone knows what the hell i am talking about, let me come to the point of this post:

the devs of Dark Deception (or just in short "DD") are currently looking for possible crossovers and i thought, hey! their monsters could actually fit into DbD quite nicely! and i started thinking about possibilities that could happen, if these games ever do get a crossover (DD and yandere simulator just got one... dunno how i feel about that, but hey xD).

so, typical for the style of DD there would probaply be a level added with a DbD killer. i think Trapper would fit into that very well, since its something we havent seen yet in the game and it might turn out to be very unique. i think his traps should be darker, a little like the floor, and when someone disarms them he is aware of your exact location and moves over there. if you get trapped, you are stuck for a certain time periode and he also knows where you are. i'd say he should be Murder Monkey speed - slightly slower than the player, therefore reliant on his power.

now, that one was rather easy, but when i started thinking about possible DD monsters that could join DbD, it got a lot harder.

the Murder Monkeys wouldnt fit into the game very well, since they are build on wallhacks and greater numbers, therefore can simply be outrun by the player, leaving them to be extremely easily looped by survivors and also reliant on AI monkeys roaming the map with them to be able to catch a survivor. and since there are rather few tight corridors, their size would also not help them.

how about Agatha? im just gonna say nurse and move on.

Dread Duckies would also not fit, as there would have to be many fake duckies placed all around the map for survivors to trigger. they would be very similar to the hag.

now, the monsters i could think off making it into the game would be the Gold Watchers, living statues that only move when the player is not directly staring at them. they could come in greater numbers and the player could switch between them with the keys 1 to 5. yes, i think there should be 5. they would work quite similar to ghostface, its just that they have a VERY high mobility while not being watched which could be tremendously slowed down when in a survivors FoV (or when the survivor playermodel is directly looking at them) and maybe a timer that runs down while all your statues are being looked at that allows you to enter a frenzy mode (resembled by the red eyes they get in DD once all shards are collected) and move completely freely. of course, numbers and all would have to be discussed, but i think they could be a neat idea.

the second monster i could imagine making it to DbD would be the Clown Gremlins. how would i do that? well, similar to the Murder Monkeys they rely on greater numbers, yet i believe their AI would be a lot simpler and more effective, so i thought we could do something with that. this is how i would say they should play out: you start with X (id say 5) clowns. the clowns will freely zoom the map (on set pathings, so they wont get stuck on stuff) and keep an eye out for survivors (they would make this squeeking sound with their shoes aswell :3). once a clown spotted a survivor, all clowns will be alerted by that survivors location and begin to run towards it. the player will see the aura of the survivor. Clown Gremlins are slower than survivors, which would allow survivors to lose them by running around corners and using windows to their advantage (AI clowns can not vault windows / break pallets). i would also suggest that the clowns can be destroyed by pallet stunning them (AI clowns - the player will just get stunned), forcing them to respawn somewhere entirely else on the map. if that was the only clown with LoS to you, they wont be alerted of your position anymore and you can freely leave while the clowns start wandering around again until a new target is found. id say we could also spawn an additional clown for each gen repaired - the clown will not spawn at the gen, but there will be additional clowns (add on?). they would basically use the swarm tactic they also use in DD, which could turn out to be very efficient.

also, if you are wondering why the Murder Monkeys wouldnt fit: there are 3 of them. they always try to cut you off and sandvich you, since they dont stand and other chance. they always know your loation and are sprinting towards you, however they are slow like the clowns. the thing that could make the whole clown thing work though is, that they have much greater numbers and will come storming at you from many areas at once, making them suitable for larger, open fielded maps. in DD there are like 30 of those little guy running around at one point, so it becomes quite obvious that they really just care about better numbers and dont need anything fancy like predicting the path and cutting it off like the monkeys do.

what do you think?

what do you think could fit into this game, if there ever was a crossover?

feel free to share your ideas ^^

PS: the 5 monsters i listed are only the ones that are currently available. there will be 3 more levels added to the game soon, each comes with new monsters. it might also be one of them, i just dont know their mechanics yet and therefore wont be able to comment on them. there will be a total of 10 levels, so we only have half by now.

TL;DR: i would love to see a crossover for those two games. closer information on the matter can be found above ;)

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