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New survivor: The deacon

TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172
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Survivor idea:

*The deacon*

"What are you doing ?! LEAVE HER ALONE!"

1- *Blinding faith* : "I never knew I was following a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing!"

*You channel divine energies with such hardship even the killer is blinded by your faith* .

After being in the killer *terror radius* for 60s/50s/40s the next hit on the survivor is going to blind the killer for 1s/2s/3s.

2- *Ask and you shall receive* : "Providence is God's way of saying he loves you."

*When the darkness is about to overcome you, remember, God is by your side* .

Start the trial with 1/2 "God's gift". Summon pallets similar to dream pallets and drop them to stun or delay the killer. The pallets stay there until destroyed or 10s/15s/20s as passed.

3- *Holy man's burden* : "You shall burn in hell for what you did!"

*May you be granted forgiveness for your sins* .

If an ally is working on a gen with you but miss a skill check, holy man's burden activate and instead of causing an explosion the survivor is injured. They can be healed but at a *reduced* rate (-10%). If the other survivor is using technician it will be prioritize.

If the survivor is already injured they become broken for 40s and cannot trigger the perk again until they recover from the status.

*Status* ;

1- *Devoted* : Whilst the deacon still have at least 1 gift, he is devoted to God. Which allow him to: repair, sabotage and heal faster (2%/4%/6% and can stack).

2- *Sinner* : Once all God's gift are spent the deacon become broken for 30s and lose his buffs. Next time he is downed and hooked or downed and healed, the deacon receive 1 God's gift.

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  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96
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    1- Blinding faith: can only imagine this being to useful when forcing killers to drop a survivor when saving them from getting hooked 3 seconds of blindness isn't to long to escape with.

    2- Ask and you shall receive : 3 free pallets is to good, also would recommend including the sinner and devoted status onto the perk itself and not them statuses.

    3- God's wrath : Hurting other teammates is not a good goal, maybe make it so you are hurt instead but the perk doesn't work if you are already in the injured state and allows you to be healed faster. Maybe rename it Holy mans burden.

    Overall this seems pretty cool.

  • TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172
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