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Generator Kicking Buff

JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

Well, as we can all agree for the most part kicking a generator is useless without perks. I suggest a simple fix to this that makes it more reasonable, fair, and balanced. When the killer kicks a generator at base it is damaged 5%. Now this seems like a lot, however, if you do not decide to gen-tap this penalty is only applied once. The second part that should be buffed is that it takes a skill check to undo regression. While a survivor is working on the generator that is regressed it will not regress nor progress. Once hitting a skill check will cause the generator to be able to progress again. Although, someone would bring up they have done gens under ruin without getting a skill check. This could be fixed by resetting your gen RNG and getting off and back on. Similar to staying on when RNG is good for ruin skill checks.

Perks can be adjusted to compensate for baseline changes.

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