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Killer Meta is insane

Ok, Strict to the point

Behaviour should really look into some killer perks that appear in about 90% of the games : Hex ruin, Chilli, Nurse calling and surveillance.

There is not a single day that i don't see at least 3 out of 5 matches with the same set in any killer at all.

There is not a SINGLE game that those perks aren't used at maximum efficiency, and Behaviour is just making a blind eye to it since it works and it is STRONG as hell and they have almost no way to counter it, the killer does not have the job of finding a survivor with his own eyes anymore. And i don't think balance is the focus of the company anymore.

Is there any possibility of making OTHER perks viable or it's just like that and it will never change?



  • EfidepeEfidepe Member Posts: 19

    Wish those perks appear more, since they are "at least" situational

    In Brasil and all South America region is kinda rare both perks.

  • snowflake102snowflake102 Member Posts: 1,903

    For one bbq is fine, Nurses calling is fine just don't heal if the killer has nurses calling.

    Hex ruin is fine the only thing that they could change is make it more hidden. And Surveillance is a ok perk.

  • ClocksoClockso Member Posts: 757

    um why do u use spirit fury on hag? just trap pallets and watch them panic

  • AikanaroAikanaro Member Posts: 310

    How you counter Enduring? Corrupt Intervention? Thanatofobia?

  • limierrlimierr Member Posts: 162

    Enduring is suppose to be a counter to a gameplay mecanism that is offer for free for survivor ... Enduring alone didn't need to be counter as it still stun the killer in case and the killer will still need to break after that...

    Corrupt intervention : either do the considered gens (and as the number of gens is limited found people to gen rush will be more easy) or hide (but no one like this option like when noed were limited in time).

    Thanatophobia ? The thing is that the perk barely slowdown the game, stealth and loop will still make you get more time to do gens which will counter the perk effect. So you need no perks to counter it.

  • DocOctoberDocOctober Member Posts: 2,230


    It really goes both ways. Survivors too have hand-holding Perks for everything.

  • EfidepeEfidepe Member Posts: 19

    Precisely, there is a lame variation of perks for survivors in the moment compared to the killer meta

  • CookieBawsCookieBaws Member Posts: 161

    Survivors meta is lame as well: BT, Adrenaline, BL and Dead hard.

    Adreanilne and BL should have been nerfed in last year, guess what)

    Developers are scared to [BAD WORD] when it comes to touching meta things.

  • toxicmeggtoxicmegg Member Posts: 662

    just let the perks be as they are.

  • alienschmalienalienschmalien Member Posts: 151

    DS is the only good perk here.

    Deliverance is situational at best and requires a safe hook rescue. You are not always guaranteed this.

    Urban Evasion is the worst survivor perk in the book because it literally encourages people to not be good at the game by crouching around the entire time and not interacting with the killer.

    Urban Evasion + Sprint Burst survivors are nine times out of 10 the ones who don't know how to do anything in a chase.

    Survivors have the worst meta perks at the moment. Self Care used to be meta but now it's slow and dreadful.

    Sprint Burst is lame. Dead Hard either barely works or is bugged half the time.

    Head On and Lithe are fine but situational as all get out and Head On shouldn't even be an exhaustion perk.

    Adrenaline is solid and along with DS one of the only truly good meta survivor perks right now.

    Meanwhile each patch has add more and more amazing options for killers and outside of gutting Legion ever killer buff lately has been a pretty amazing one.

    Anyone remember when Hag used to be trash? Remember that? Freddy? Remember when running Sloppy was considered a joke?

    Even the smaller buffs like Wraith helped him be a touch more viable.

    TL:DR surivor perks for the most part? Really just what a perk is a small boost. Not majorly game changing anymore. They've made sure of that patch after patch.

    Killer perks? They're not perks. They can majorly change the flow of the game now. They're hella strong now. Too strong. They need to be looked at.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,700

    No, not really. Both sides have perks that can change the flow of the game.

    For example, Everyone's getting slugged. Your Unbreakable or Flip-Flop can turn this situation 180 degrees. Flashlight and even Head On (even tho less situational) can also do that. It's just (i'll admit) way harder that Killer's side.


    "Can't find those pesky survivors? BBQ, Bitter Murmur, Whispers, Nurses, etc.

    Generators going too fast: Ruin, Corrupt Intervention, Thrilling Tremors, Pop, etc."

    1st you need to proc bbq (by finding the surv) and then it can be countered. Bitter Murmur gives you info you already knew (enchances it basically) and Nurse's... is Nurse's.

    And idk how Thrilling Tremors stops gens from going too fast. It should be in the "Can't find those pesky survivors?" category ;)

  • UltraBananaUltraBanana Member Posts: 100

    Deliverance is literally amazing and if you are in solo Q and the first one getting caught that is your own fault.

    Urban evasion is also amazing if you know how to use it and lets you sneak around a barrel or something right in front of the killers face where you would normally get caught. It also counters hag pretty hard. If you are sneaking around boxes and such while the killer searches for you at your gen it is taking the exact same amount of time away from the killer as being in chase, and using no pallets to boot.

    Lithe is for running infinites. It's probably the most toxic exhaustion perk if you really know how to use it. You won't change my mind on that.

    Adrenaline is OP if used en-mass but everyone who runs it will still complain about NOED.

    DS is also pretty ridiculous at red ranks where 4/4 survivors will all be hitting great skill checks regularly and the games are 5-6 minutes long with no ruin unless you are running a super strong killer who is downing people every 30 seconds. There are a TON of times where someone is unhooked, gets healed, I down someone else across the map and then come back to the gen I know they are still at and down them again and then get DS'd because it hasn't even been a minute yet.

    I also can't believe it's 2019 and people still complain about BBQ. Find a gen, then find a nearby locker, and when someone else goes down sit in the locker for 5 seconds. Or run distortion.

    Spirit fury enduring is probably the only killer combo I think is close to broken but even then if you know they have it you can start dropping pallets early and they can't use it.

    Nurses is super counterable, I don't heal in the killers terror radius ever.

    The game is killer biased if the survivors are bad, but very survivor biased if they are good unless the killer is using an OP character like nurse.

  • smappdoodasmappdooda Member Posts: 262

    Yes let's talk about hand holding shall we?

    Work on a Gen - Icon floating above your head telling you that you are cursed.

    You become exposed - icon floating over your head

    Any status effect change - icon floating over your head

    There are visual cues that tip you off to all of that stuff, but for some reason, the devs felt it necessary to not have you pay attention or do deductive reasoning based on those subtle, yet obvious, visual cues. A survivor HUD is basically a girl scout merit badge sash in the making.

    So suck it up on both sides everyone. It's a video game.

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611
    edited August 2019

    I can't help but wonder what rank you're playing at.

    Most M1 killers not using Enduring+Spirit Fury are literal jokes at red ranks.

    Surveillance doesn't even figure among the top 5 perks in the dev stats iirc. It's a mid tier perk. If you're going to actively kick gens I'd rather run Pop which at least does something meaningful to delay the game. And you know survivors will touch the gens you kick already, you don't need a perk for that.

    And every single killer perk can be worked around.

    I think you've had a few bad individual experiences recently and you're generalizing it now, but nothing you pointed out is actually a balance problem. It's like killer mains complaining about, say, Adrenaline when there are no survivor perks complaint-worthy right now either.

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611

    What I would argue is that we need more good perks on both sides to increase build variety.

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611

    MoM is a terrible example because it was an abomination that didn't belong in this game.

    There can be strong perks without being that horribly made.

  • Chaddad2169Chaddad2169 Member Posts: 748

    MoM just needs to also have Safe unhooks grant stacks as well as protection hits.

    Then it'll be a good combo with farm forever.

    Another buff that I suggest is that it also protects you from going down to an insta down at healthy (say you were running from the killer and you were obsession and healthy and the killer had Rancor. Your have your Mom ready and when they hit you, rather than going down you just go injured. You'd still have to work for the perk though by getting safe unhooks and protection hits).

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 7,047

    Drop pallets earlier, hide until it wears off, heal.

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 891

    I have no idea what the helll your talking about. Already we have a variety of perk builds being run with killers. The obly reason killer run perks like spirit fury and enduring is to deal with bad map design. Ie blood lodge and most coldwind farm maps.

    Honestly survivour has way more standardised perks adrenaline, ds, dead hard/balanced landing and bt. Rarely do i see a build deviate unless the survivour is memeing around. There are plenty of amazing survivour perks but people choose to play safe running standard high powered perks. Iron will, spine chill, prove thyself, streetwise and lithe are only a few fantastic options available.

    If anything survivours need to look beyond extra health states and looping perks and look at other approaches to dbd. Killer builds can massively vary however killer builds are forced to be reactive. Using perks like bambozle to block badly designed windows

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