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JallybwanJallybwan Member Posts: 181
edited September 2019 in Creations

The Lucid


Name: Adrienne Maura

Gender: Female

Nationality: French

Realm: None

Power: Waking Dream

Weapon: Scissor Blade

Speed: 115% | 4.6 m/s

Terror Radius: 32 metres

Height: Average

Name: Seraphine Maura

Gender: Female

Nationality: French

Realm: None

Power: Waking Dream

Weapon: Scissor Blade

Speed: 110% | 4.4 m/s

Terror Radius: 12 metres

Height: Small

The Lucid are a teamwork-oriented duo of Killers, passing survivors back and forth between their respective domains in a deadly game of tag. Their personal Perks, Clairvoyance, Blood Pact and Deadly Sin, allow them to force survivors into dangerous situations and disrupt their ability to work together.


Adrienne and Seraphine Maura were no more than young identical twins, born into a normal family that was neither wealthy nor poor. Everything they did, they did together - and they did it well. Art. Sports. Homework. No matter what, they had each other, and it seemed that it would stay this way forever. Of course, when the Entity gets involved, nothing stays whole for long.

As the two of them breezed through kindergarten and entered into their first year of school, envy festered in the hearts of their classmates. They were freakishly good at everything - the power of teamwork, for once, actually made beneficial - and everyone else hated them for it. On its own, envy would corrupt Class 1-C in time. With the careful, meticulous work of the Entity, it would destroy them.

Near the end of the year, a standardized test went by, and a few days later, the grades were handed out. As usual, the twins came out on top, missing only two points out of twenty. The class average was around twenty-two marks, with the least successful student achieving a mere three points - one of which was for writing his name. 

The unsuccessful student possessed envy for the twins’ mental capacity to a degree far greater than any other. So great that one day, after school, he cornered the twins against a building out the back of the school. As he advanced, pudgy fists raised to strike them, Adrienne panicked and lashed out with the scissors she was holding.

When the adrenaline faded, the twins were left staring at the bloodied corpse of their bully, his throat split wide open. The two girls were innocent of the world’s cruelty, but they were not stupid. They knew that if their crime was discovered, they would be in trouble. Big trouble. So, working together as they always did, the two of them tried to haul the body into a nearby dumpster. But a nearby teacher saw them, screamed, and the next thing they knew, the twins were taken away from their parents and packed off to the Crotus Prenn Asylum.

The van never made it. A few days after its scheduled arrival date, a rescue team found it crashed off the road in a notoriously dangerous leg of the journey. Of course, the twins were never found. Two pairs of footprints did lead away from the van, but they vanished near a river and both were presumed dead…

The Lucid’s Perks


This is your world, and none can hide from your gaze. You gain the ability to see through corn, bamboo and swamp grass within a 12/18/24 metre radius around you.

Blood Pact

They say blood is thicker than water, and it binds two individuals together with inexplicable force. When you strike a Survivor, they become your Obsession. Your successful hit cooldown is reduced by 15/20/25% upon striking a Survivor that is not your Obsession. Does not stack.

Deadly Sin

Every act of violence stems from a sin of some kind, and that sin leaves a mark on each individual that cannot be removed. When a Survivor is unhooked, the rescuer will emit a 16/24/32 metre terror radius and your terror radius will be decreased by 2/4/6 metres for 30 seconds.


Weapon: Scissor Blade

Each sister carries one half of a pair of scissors. While they may never become whole again, the twins have found their own way to make these dual blades work together.

  • If Adrienne hits a survivor, she will coarsely wipe the blood off on her arm.
  • If Seraphine hits a survivor, she will delicately wipe the blood off with her fingers.

Power: Waking Dream

At the start of the trial, two Survivors start in Adrienne’s Dream and the other two start in Seraphine’s. Each sister may only strike Survivors inside their Dream, although they can hook downed survivors. When a sister strikes a Survivor, they enter the Dream Transition for 7 seconds (essentially, old Freddy’s power), during which both sisters will flicker in and out of visibility for that Survivor. When the Dream Transition ends, the survivor screams, revealing their location, and is transferred into the other sister’s Dream. Survivors cannot see a sister unless they are in her Dream. When a Survivor is unhooked, they are transferred into the Dream of the sister furthest away from the hook.

Tap the Use Ability button (default M2) to Awaken yourself for 60 seconds. While Awakened, each sister gains unique bonuses:

  • Adrienne gains 5% extra movement speed, a slightly increased lunge, and 15% extra vaulting or breaking speed.
  • Seraphine gains immunity to detection perks, starts to flicker in and out of visibility, and her terror radius is reduced by 4 metres. 

When the timer is up, Waking Dream is automatically passed on to the other sister and cannot be passed back for 30 seconds. Tap the Secondary Power (default: CTRL) button to end Awakening prematurely and pass it back to the other sister.



  • Test Paper (Adrienne) - Slightly (5%) increases vaulting speed while Awakened.
  • Horse Drawing (Adrienne) - Slightly (5%) increases breaking speed while Awakened.
  • Test Paper (Seraphine) - Slightly (1 metre) decreases terror radius while Awakened.
  • Bird Drawing (Seraphine) - Slightly increases frequency of flickering while Awakened.


  • Twisted Key (Adrienne) - Moderately (10%) increases vaulting speed while Awakened.
  • Friendship Bracelet (Adrienne) - Moderately (10%) increases breaking speed while Awakened.
  • Twisted Lock (Seraphine) - Moderately (2 metres) decreases terror radius while Awakened.
  • Friendship Bracelet (Seraphine) - Moderately increases frequency of flickering while Awakened.


  • Lunacy Ticket (Adrienne) - Considerably (15%) increases vaulting speed while Awakened.
  • Judge’s Gavel (Adrienne) - Considerably (15%) increases breaking speed while Awakened.
  • Lunacy Ticket (Seraphine)  - Considerably (4 metres) decreases terror radius while Awakened.
  • Pair of Cuffs (Seraphine) - Considerably increases frequency of flickering while Awakened.

Very Rare

  • Lock of Seraphine’s Hair (Adrienne) - Awakening lasts considerably (20 seconds) longer for both sisters.
  • Lock of Adrienne’s Hair (Seraphine) - Awakening cooldown is considerably (15 seconds) reduced for both sisters.

Ultra Rare

  • Sister Scissors (Both Sisters) - This sister is always in their Awakened state. 

Why the Lucid is Good for Dead by Daylight

Reason One: A Change in Gameplay

The community has been asking for a 2v8 gamemode for a while now, but that would cause some obvious balance issues. A survivor may end up in a chase with both at once, which would make looping impossible and thus be very little fun. The Lucid, however, cannot be in this situation - only one sister can chase at a time, and there is a transition between Dreams to ensure that the sisters cannot two-tap someone without counterplay. Furthermore, neither of the Lucid have broken anti-chase powers like Nurse or Spirit, which means they will also have ample counterplay by nature of looping.

Reason Two: A Playstyle for Everyone

Each sister has their own distinct playstyle, which means they will appeal to a wider audience on both sides. Adrienne is built for pure chasing - she is 115% speed with a 32m terror radius, making her stealth negligible. However, her Awakening gives her a nice extra edge in a chase that, combined with a skillful killer and some good mindgames, can give her an extra level of threat without heading into broken territory.

Seraphine, by contrast, is built more for stealth and catching survivors off guard. She cannot chase directly, due to 110% movement speed, and her Awakening does not provide her with any direct chase benefits. However, by remaining unseen, Seraphine gives survivors a reason to be wary while on generators. It no longer becomes a game of holding M1 - the fact that she could come out of nowhere to hit or even grab you will create a similar atmosphere of tension to Mirror Myers on Lery’s.

Because of the two different playstyles, the Lucid will even provide something for survivors. Those who love a tense atmosphere will love to play against Seraphine, and those who love the thrill of the chase will enjoy playing against Adrienne.

Reason Three: Encouraging a Fun Game for Both Sides

Due to the nature of their power in that they cannot down a survivor alone, the Lucid is literally unable to camp or tunnel. When a survivor is downed, they can still be hooked by the sister that downed them (to avoid being left on the ground for too long, because nobody likes being slugged) but they cannot be immediately hit after being unhooked. They also cannot be camped, because - again - the sisters are not always able to hit a survivor. If one sister is camping a hook, one survivor who is not in their Dream can simply run up and unhook without penalty. The Lucid is actively punished for sticking around the hook or trying to focus down one survivor at a time. 

To summarise, I believe that the Lucid is a great way to finally introduce two friends as killers into one match, without breaking the match. They encourage a non-scummy, fun playstyle for both sides, and maintain solid map pressure without becoming overpowered.

Feedback appreciated!

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  • SkaRiotSkaRiot Member Posts: 14

    Could you explain what this sister domain thing is? I don't understand what happens when a survivor gets switched between domains. Are the domains 2 sides of a map or do you have to switch killers on the spot once you hit the survivor?

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,677

    Interesting concept.

    Its a good twist on killer teamplay. Although 2v4 might ne too much for some potatoes.

    I guess adrienne players get matched with seraphine players, depending either on csmetics or the killer chosen ( first chapter that releases 2 killers)

    Might have misundestood something but wouldnt it be a bad situations when one sister cannot do anything because all survivors are with the other. I think the stealthy seraphine might get overwhelmed if she'd have all four on her (being slow and only having stealth).

  • JallybwanJallybwan Member Posts: 181

    Think of it like old Freddy's Dream World mechanic, except that one killer is in Adrienne's Domain and the other is in Seraphine's Domain.

    If Ace is in Seraphine's Domain, then Adrienne is invisible to him and he is invisible to Adrienne. If Ace is in Adrienne's Domain, the reverse is true. That is essentially the only difference - the map is shared, it's just a matter of which killer can interact with which survivors.

  • JallybwanJallybwan Member Posts: 181

    I was thinking more that when someone clicked Lucid, it'd pop up with an invite list similarly to KYF's menu. Then, you could invite a friend to come and play the other sister, and start a lobby with both of you as the killer.

    Yes, it would be a bad situation if all the survivors are in one domain. Both sisters need to be able to get hits at about the same rate. Lucid's power is almost entirely based on coordination and teamwork; Awakening is just a slight bonus. Their real power is that they can split up and deal out more map pressure than they could individually.

  • SkaRiotSkaRiot Member Posts: 14

    Sounds like it would be awkward if you have to switch to the other sister right after hitting a survivor with another sister. You could be in a map like Coldwind and the two of you are at opposite ends. The survivor might have enough time to heal up with a medkit to counter the killer, unless I'm reading this wrong and you switch stances between killers instead of controlling 2 individual killers. Also, the stealthy sister sounds very vulnerable to getting looped forever to survivors with good communication and awareness.

  • JallybwanJallybwan Member Posts: 181

    Oh, I didn't make this clear enough, apparently. Lucid is intended to be played by two people. And yeah, large maps would counter them pretty well... but they counter pretty much every killer. Also, I'm sure there would be a way to coordinate efficiently, especially with comms.

  • JallybwanJallybwan Member Posts: 181

    (My browser is being weird, so if this posts multiple times, sorry.)

    Lucid is intended to be played by two players. That opens up a lot of communication potential, which could offset some of that. 2v4 would be kinda overpowered even if both killers were just basic M1s, so I had to give em some counterplay and weaknesses.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,677
    edited August 2019

    Oh right, friendlist intrgration, totally forgot. Well there should be a "random stranger/potato" button at the end of the list 😁.

    In the default gamemode 2v4 they wouldnt be allowed to be too powerful either, compared to killers who have to go in solo ("Op killer, pls nerf)

    Offtopic: I hink such killers would be best if there was the always discussed 2v8 mode. There both sisters could have powers that matched huntress or billy tier, and have secondary powers to place traps/etc in the other sister's world.

    I must say i kinda like your sketch of her. The shadowed part on her face reminds me of Identity V's Photographer killer. He has a second world mechanic to, he becomes black/white with scars like a broken porcelain doll when he enters that world. Such visuals could be used to differentiate between the sisters in your concept.

  • JallybwanJallybwan Member Posts: 181

    I get why people want 2v8, but it would encourage unfun playstyles. One killer could facecamp while the other runs around, you could end up with two Nurses, looping would be impossible if both chased you at once... etc. Lucid was designed so that individually, they are tied worst killer in the game. Awakening is a very small boost of power, and that's how it was intended - their strength is that they can double up and coordinate to spread effectively twice as much map pressure as one killer.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,677

    Thats why i said offtopic when talkingabout 2v8 😎

    (Also from personal experience in identity v, camping and doubling up on a single survivor leaves 7 (!!!) Survivors on gens, which quickly ends in a loss for killers.)

  • JallybwanJallybwan Member Posts: 181

    Edited the original post to clarify that the Lucid is played by two people.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,293

    It's not the 2v8 that we crave but it's probably the only one we could get in this game.

    Beautiful and brilliant concept, a new game mode in the guise of a new Killer/Killers. It is very creative and gives each Killer 2 Survivors but also switches those Survivors after every hit which is genius. By switching from 1 Killer to the next it means that they can't get oppressed by 1 and can only be downed by the other, skill is very important from both sides and not just a free for all, which everyone wants.

    I would most definitely be playing Seraphine mostly as she suits my preferred play style, she's elegant, lethal, and mysterious, simply gorgeous. Also, I love that you made them French, beautiful people, I love checking them in at work(I work at a motel).

  • JallybwanJallybwan Member Posts: 181

    Thank you! ^-^

    As a Pig main, I totally agree with you. Stealth is a lot more appealing to me than brute chasing, but I understand how some people think chasing is more fun. That's why, when I come up with ideas, I try and make them versatile instead of just straight-up powerful.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,293

    I love Pig :) <3 I got her to P3 she's one of my top 3 Killers

  • 8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 1,129

    New mode KWF?

  • B_RandomB_Random Member Posts: 58

    Seems like a really nice killer, and a neat concept. I'd would surely try out your killer if they were accepted into the game, but I doubt I'd have a friend to play with at the time I'd play her. Also if you're interested, I have a killer concept idea I made myself; I'd love to hear feedback, even from a creator themselves. So if you're interested please check it out. It's called "Child's Play" or "Chucky" I think you can guess 100% what it's about as well.

  • JallybwanJallybwan Member Posts: 181

    Perfect, thanks! ^-^

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 8

    You know, my favorite killers are Freddy and Pig. So this fan-made killer does bring a smile to my face. I would play as The Lucid.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 2,508

    This would be interesting... but I think that with the current setup for killers, that this would be hard to work with. I'd like to see it pass though.

  • HehemhemHehemhem Member Posts: 6

    Offtopic: What would you think about a 2v8 in which it isn't possible that tow people chose the same killer.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 2,508

    I mean, with the way killer is set up, it couldn't work now. Since killers can only go solo with the current mechanics.

    Maybe if you could kill with friends, this concept could work. I'd love to see Legion be able to have multiple people as them too. Since it makes sense lorewise.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 2,508

    I think 2v8 might work well. I don't see how it couldn't.

  • JallybwanJallybwan Member Posts: 181

    What specifically? The only thing I can think of is that survivors would never win a chase, but Lucid avoids that.

  • JallybwanJallybwan Member Posts: 181

    I think that people would pick Nurse and Spirit instead of Nurse and Nurse. :P

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,677

    The lucid is "1 killer for 2 players" in Op's version. Thus resulting in adrienne, seraphina and the other killer in a 2v8 match. Though one of the girls might need to be coded to share freddy's dreamworld" for optimisation purposes.

    Most 2v8 possible rulesets i know feauture the "no same killer rule"

    On the issue of matchmaking, there is already a spectator slot which could be used or shows that the lobby could be tweaked in this chapter.

    Also, the lucid either assigns a random sister when picking the lucid or simply both sisters join the killer roster and you're simply matched with the one you arent playing. Heroes of the storm uses the latter system for their "Cho'gall" hero.

    There's not much holding back this kind of killer, except maybe lobby ping. Which should be fixed with servers.

  • JallybwanJallybwan Member Posts: 181

    It's still 2v4, but yes - Lucid is a two-player killer.

    As for how two people would be matchmade, well, I'd imagine it to be somewhat like a killer version of SWF - a Steam friends list pops up, and you invite someone to play. You both choose a different sister, and then go into the lobby together. If you don't have anyone readily available, I would actually recommend just putting two "Lucid" players together instead of an "Adrienne" player and a "Seraphine" player. Then, in the lobby, you wouldn't be able to ready up (as in, the timer won't start) until both have chosen a different sister.

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