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This game needs a new mode

VSLlVSLl Member Posts: 253

Hi everyone! I will not write a poem, I will say briefly. This game needs a new mode. Divide the game into at least a quick game and a sports game. In a quick game, you can easily complete daily tasks, learn to play a new killer, for example, if you bought it recently. Look at new perks, ability and so on. Just play for fun. And in a sports game to play on the rating. Play for some goal, get to the highest rank and get a prize. Make a board of the best players. So that people who want to sweat in games play there, but who just want to play, play in a different mode. I am sure that there are people who agree with me. I'm not talking about specifically other modes, where there will be other goals, and so on. Let's start at least with this?

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