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Connection loss at random PS4

pabloddiablo316pabloddiablo316 Member Posts: 64

This is thrid time now and I am getting fed up with it.

Never happens as survivor only as killer, playing a round and game suddenly seems to end "Internet connection required to play this game"

Uh I am on fibre optic with a wired connection to my PS4 I check the connection status when ever it says this and its 100%

More irritating is I lose 2 ranking pips, when I am crap at the killer side anyways, lose an ebony mori and the fact that I had completed a ritual.

Now I just managed to finish a game and get the ritual despite a NEA rank 4 vs a rank 12 killer who seemd to be able to recharge her balnced landing exhaustion while running away from me (which I accept is another issue!

I know I wont get the lost rank pips back or the mori, but this worries me for dedicated servers for console, if I lose connection randomly, or like last month had a power cut and lost pips there too, is this going to wind up getting me a dc ban for something beyond my control?

I play pretty much everyday despite at times the game being so frustrating either through bugs like these or just toxic players suxking the fun out of it, but if ppl are ging to start getting bans for stuff they cannot control then its not going to to the games rep or player base on console much good is it.

Right rant over, cos I know the devs more then like will ignore me unless this post somehow blows up as per usual.

Now to try my pig ritual and hope it dont do it again!


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