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Your opinion on this Idea?

xEaxEa Member Posts: 437

Hello there

I dont think it is a very new one und super unique Idea i come up now, but i have not seen any thread about it, probably there are but idk.

So, everyone who is not a beginner in this game knows how easy it is to find and cleanse a totem. So my simple idea to improve those are:

  • Totems should take double cleanse time.
  • You have to performe skillchecks
  • Now the important one: The totem Bar is similar to Gens, ones some1 started a totem to lets say 20%, it stays those 20%, you dont have to start at 0 again.

Good/Bad Idea? Any suggestions to improve it?

Kind regards


  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 4,199

    When Thrill of the Hunt exists, this is a really bad idea.

    But at the same time the progress just staying there would make it good for surv side.

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