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Lost All Progress On Rank Reset

HythunzaHythunza Member Posts: 2

Went and logged onto my Xbox to find that when rank reset occured, I had lost all progression on all killers and survivors, all BP and shards. Naturally, this upsets me.

I still own what DLC I've bought, and am still able to access them. I cannot provide a screenshot, as I have no clue as to how I can share a screenshot from the Xbox to here. My account does say that I am not a beginning player though, and have achievements I logically wouldn't be able to get with what I got.

I'd like it if I could get my progression back in some shape or form(I had half of all my survivors level 50 no prestige, with teachables bought from shrine), or if not fix this bug. I don't know how exactly it happened, but when I switched the hdmi port to a new monitor, the game had gotten rid of all my progress and reset the ranks. This hasn't affected my other games, like Borderlands 2, Destiny and Destiny 2, so I am fairly certain the rank reset is part of the issue. I own the game on CD, and had my Xbox turned off during the monitor switch.

I'd very much appreciate it if someone could help, or compensate for the time and effort lost.


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