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Get rid of, or lower volume of Chase Music while phasing as the Spirit

I personally find it hard to hear survivors while phasing with the chase music blaring in my ears. I have to rely on scratch marks most of the time. Don't get me wrong, I can still hear injured survivors breathing over the chase music, but I can't hear un-injured ones.

A while ago, the chase music was bugged and it caused the chase music to be significantly lower than what it normally was. I found it much easier to hear footsteps and breathing.

Wouldn't it be effective to reduce or get rid of the chase music considering that you can't see the survivor while phasing? Thoughts?


  • CorruptedCorrupted Member Posts: 157

    If you have great headphones you can hear fairly well? But I wouldn't advise it, the devs have intentionally messed with the audio anyways. If you wanna hear better than perhaps run stridor? Not being able to pinpoint where a non-injured survivior is gives counterplay and makes Iron will a great perk vs spirit. She doesn't need buffing.

  • 18dwhyte18dwhyte Member Posts: 10
  • CookieBawsCookieBaws Member Posts: 105

    I would rather lower chase music volume averall. 😁

  • ThirdSealOPplzNerfThirdSealOPplzNerf Member Posts: 292

    I love how people defends how ridiculously loud chase music is and how there no option to turn it down or remove it. If I hear a survivor and find from slowly listening I should rewarded by actually finding from my hearing skills I shouldn't be rewarded with getting deaf. I remember the times when chases music was in a perfect volume state and sounds were actually bearable until now . Music is stupid loud and sounds were lowered and are buggy

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 457

    If the music is blowing your ears out that means you have your volume too high. The music is supposed to be louder compared to the rest of the game. Without the music killer's like spirit would be totally unfair (many will argue she still is) and mind games would be even less possible for killers.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 1,539

    The chase music when playing killer is awful. It's constantly too loud and I can't hear anything going on in the game over it. For a couple weeks this year the music was at a lower volume and I could actually hear things. It was amazing. Then it was gone, and we're back to this, and it's awful.

    If killers aren't supposed to track survivors via sound, why have the survivors make noise at all? Why not just get rid of all the sounds? If the sounds exist, we should be able to hear them. The devs should just get rid of whatever they don't want us to hear so I don't have to have chase music blaring in my ears when I'm trying to listen for some tiny noise.

    You don't balance a game by inserting loud music. In the other games I play, you can adjust the music volume. If I want to hear someone sneaking up behind me, I can lower the music volume. If I don't need that and prefer the ambiance, I can turn the music up. It's great! Why can't DbD do that?

  • Chaddad2169Chaddad2169 Member Posts: 748

    A QoL change can still be considered a buff.

    And this isn't a QoL change, this is a "bug fix" when it isn't even a bug

  • ThirdSealOPplzNerfThirdSealOPplzNerf Member Posts: 292

    And then my volume is low when I can't hear anything. And no using my ears doesn't give me her power when I'm playing another killer that's a stupid comparison. If I have ears and use them to track doesn't make my ears op I'm just good a tracking. I've been playing for 3 years and never have I heard someone tell me If the music isn't as loud drowning out every other sounds then it would be unfair what? Using my ears is unfair? Lmao

  • HUAPA456HUAPA456 Member Posts: 8

    YES! We totally need a separate slider so people who would prefer quieter chase music can have that option.😀

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