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Permanent speed boost


Platform: PC

When i got unhooked i started sprinting as the killer was coming my way, I noticed that my character model was pinging backwards and forwards and i moved as fast as if i would have had sprint burst (i only had unbreakable on so no exhaustion perks on) this also didn't wear off and made me move faster even while i wasn't sprinting.

I didn't really know what to do as i didn't want to look like i was hacking and get banned so i got the killer to hit me, this fixed the bug. Not sure what caused the bug in the first place.

This was the first time I have go the bug and have so far not seen anyone else have the same bug as me, not sure if other survivors or the killer could see me ping backwards and forwards as that is how i knew i had a bug.

(not sure if its relevant information)

Map: either Rotten Fields or Thompson House (can't remember)

Character: Bill

Perks: Unbreakable


  • ParallaxParallax Member Posts: 12

    This happened to me too, except I vaulted a window in the hospital as jake to activate balanced landing, and I never lost my speed boost from it until I activated balanced landing again.


    The strange thing for me is I have no idea how I got the speed boost, I didn't have a perk that gave me one. I think getting another speed boost like getting hit or activating a perk will fox the bug but it is frustrating that if you don't have an exhaustion perk that I had to give a free hit that ultimately lead to me getting sacrificed

  • CheaterrrrrCheaterrrrr Member Posts: 1
    edited August 13

    I had this bug when i jumped off the killers shoulder, i took a minute to see if it would wear off but it didn't so i sacrificed myself.

    I was jane and i only had head on.

    the killer was a Ghost Face.

    the map was autohaven wreckers.

  • MahriMahri Member Posts: 1

    This happened to me right now. I left the closet and I got this permanent speed boost. Also, I could'nt do any actions like jumping or repairing a generator. On my match I was Feng Min, the killer was a Ghost Face and the map was autohaven wreckers.

    (sorry grammar, I'm BR)

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