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Im scared of getting reported and banned

Ok so...i play on xbox for like 3 years.I obv have lots of perks,dlc,bp etc...

One week ago my xbox just randomly turned off during the loading screen of a game i joined...

I tought it was a power thing so i just went on with the next game etc everything was fine...

But i does this again and again at least once a day...

Only does it while the game loads.Only in dbd.

The whole xbox turns off and it also consumes my add.ons

Have any of you guys experienced this?...if so how did you stop it cause im really scared of being banned or smtg...i really dont wanna lose my progress.


  • JonnykivJonnykiv Member Posts: 5

    Are you able to log in to your account on a friends Xbox to see if this issue is linked to your account or hardware.

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