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Looks like the forums no longer kill my CPU.

Chewy102Chewy102 Member Posts: 187

No idea when, why, or how this started to happen but these forums would ALWAYS drive my CPU use to 30-40% every time a text box was in the active window/tab. That was while IDLE as well! Forced me to never be singed on in order to prevent a text box from showing or else my CPU would sit at a constant 30-40% use wasting power, heat, and just slowly killing it in other words.

Today. It's gone. My current CPU use is sitting at 0% while idle and jumps to maybe 11% if I mash or literal faceroll the keyboard. Again I have no idea when, why, or how this happened. It just looks to be fixed. Maybe a Firefox update did something, maybe Windows, or most likely the forums themselves was fixed. No idea, but it's fixed from what I can see.

Good job! 🍪 Who ever managed to fix it earned a cookie.

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