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We bet on what next nerf survivors will get.



  • Locker_MonsterLocker_Monster Member Posts: 496

    And trash Survivors whine about Killers being OP because they want free escapes every game.

    Legion was nerfed into the garbage because of Survivor whining.

    Nurse is being 'looked at' because of Survivor Whining.

    And Survivors are already complaining about Spirit & priming the ground for Hillbilly nerfs, of all people.

    It goes both ways, kiddo.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,126

    I literally see no thread, maybe just one asking for spirit/billy to be nerfed, legion had no counter play in chase, he needed a change (and yes, I did play old legion) and as for nurse her add ons are currently OP (although I don’t mind) and honestly, nurse herself is a bit too strong(still don’t mind) stop acting like certain changes aren’t needed.

    Not saying the other guy is right but both of you are over-dramatizing things.

  • mutabletiger4mutabletiger4 Member Posts: 183

    Unsafe play=/= tunnelling. The killer hooked someone else, the rescuer. The unhooked got downed again, got hooked. Sucks, but that means the survivors played dumb

  • Star99erStar99er Member Posts: 938

    I don’t think any nerfs are necessary atm. I fact I think they should buff the healing speed when healing another survivor.

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,230
    edited August 2019

    -Legion had counter if the Legion had no op addons running. You can watch tutorial videos on YouTube, or also... I bet you would also find some tutorials here in the forums. I have write some by myself. The Legion changes were not needed on the way they have been implemented. It has more the character of a overreaction, as the character of "making balance".

    -About Nurse I don't like to say yet much, because the changes are not out yet. Also no informations about the Nurse changes, far as I have read it (since the Legion patch are the forums my only information source, because I stopped playing after the patch. I like to have fun with my favorite killer and I don't like to feel punished just for playing what I like. So I wait for a Legion patch that shows a bit common sense).

    -There are already a ton of Spirit and Hillbilly nerf threads out there. You just need to go some pages back. It is always the same scheme:

    The surviviors complain about X killers. Then 1 killer got be announced to be nerfed and the survivors go silent for a while. After the nerf got implemented, survivors start their old complaining threads again. I bet with you, that after the nurse patch, a ton of Spirit and maybe Hillbillly threads will come up again (should the Nurse patch really be a nerf. Personally I believe he will be a nerf, but nobody can't say it for sure yet, far as I know).

    TL:DR We can talk about all the "nerf survivor" threads, but don't act as would have been every killer nerf justified. That shows only a one sided view point.

  • ASAPTurtleASAPTurtle Member Posts: 968

    Legion was changed because he was killing the game's health. If he was the same up to now the majority of the playerbase would be cut into half and no one enjoys playing a dead game and by far he is the worst killer to be released due to that.

    And no, Nurse is not being looked at. Her add-ons are being looked at, and her base power is slightly being changed.

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,230

    Yeah and we don't know yet what this exactly means.

    It can be something good, or something bad, but that is then something the Nurse mains have to judge.

    What the Legion matters, so was that not my impression. I know about the nerf threads and I know that some streamers have whine crocodile tears, but in my endgame chat I had a completely different picture and also other Legion mains and some survivors tell different storys.

    In fact, I believe the Legion was good for the health of dbd for various reasons.

    That said... The Legion. Not the Legion with the op addons and exploits. Just the killer and the killer design itself.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 7,283

    You solved the problem with the game, congratulations because I thought I was the only one who was seeing this!

    Basically, the developers want a 2K for every killer, which is fine, but the ranking system wants a 3K or even a 4K sometimes.

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    Dude, I literally saw at least, AT LEAST, 3 threads per week with "Spirit has no counter play, pls nerf" and I recently started to see threads made about Billy tho. There are also threads without anything to do with Spirit/Billy which for some odd reasons lead people to change the subject and start talking about these 2 killers again.

  • prayer_survivorprayer_survivor Member Posts: 626

    @Marcus. And you can see all type of threads complaining about anything about survivors. Even complaining about gen tapping.

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,230

    Well... A killer got nerfed, then the killers start to complain about some survivor abilites.

    Then a survivor thing get nerfed and the survivors start to complain about killer abilities.

    The only way out imo, of this cycle would be to buff every killer on the actual spirit level.

    Then survivors could also ask for stronger perks, if they not already got them on the way to this goal.

    Note: With that I don't like to say that spirit is op. Infact I believe she is in her perfect spot right now, after all I have read about her from Spirit mains and survivors.

  • noneofyourbusinessnoneofyourbusiness Member Posts: 532

    If she would be (Spirit) killer about skill and prediction, not about easy tracking bc her "downside" not seeing surivors is a joke when she can hear breathing, grunts of pain, interaction with gens, with totems, with lockers ect. sees footsteps, see interaction with environment like grass, corn fields she just have this too much, it's not a skill like many ppl say, it's reading like from book, nothing else

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,126

    You can say old legion had counter play all you want but the counter play was easily countered.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 3,067

    Well, I doubt I solved anything. More like pointed it out :/. I'm glad you're seeing it as well, because yeah, I'd be totally fine with getting a 2K if that were a safety at red ranks. But it isn't, that's a de-pip 99% of the time.

  • AccornAccorn Member Posts: 89

    So you'd rather be 100% undetectable when the spirit uses her power? Maybe the moving grass is a bit much, but without the rest there'd be no point in using her power.

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,230
    edited August 2019

    Yeah and this is why the Legion had dominated the red ranks... Oh wait... She hasen't!

    Some addons were op. But in return... Who ever had a problem with the Legion without addons... Serious, that guys should stop being lazy and watch at least some tutorial videos.

    Edit: The killrate of the Legion was even one of the worst killrates of all killers. Far as I remember. For some months, the devs had show a official statistic to that. Only 1 or 2 other killers had a killrate that was even worse as the one of the Legion, if I remember me correctly.

  • MrsPiggyIsSoSneakyMrsPiggyIsSoSneaky Member Posts: 486

    Humans have human abilities, they gain nothing from The Entity

    Killers in the entity realm, have supernatural abilities from The Entity

    Your whole argument right there was just pointless and flawed really easily

  • Chaddad2169Chaddad2169 Member Posts: 748

    Incorrect. Following your logic, if the survivors were solely human and didn't gain any abilities from the entity then that means they would tire and die from falling from heights, both of which doesn't happen in Dead by Daylight.

    Your reply to my whole argument right there was just pointless and flawed really easily

  • MrsPiggyIsSoSneakyMrsPiggyIsSoSneaky Member Posts: 486

    So you solely followed my logic? Okay let's point out a few things.

    I point out the fact of how some things that the survivors are able to do is inhuman and does not make sense because of how it would work in reality, and with that I said that almost (not all) any games you find, there's always some sort of reality aspect to it, but I didn't say this game was entirely run by reality did I? No, just like how you assumed that I said that I shouldn't be able to break any pallets to catch someone when I clearly didn't even state that at all and after stating that you didn't bring it up again and of course the way you worded your sentence "Wow, complaining about vaulting a pallet? Just break it" So as a survivor I should not value a pallet and break it as a survivor?

    Going back to when I said that, this game follows some reality logic, but not entirely by it. If you were to look at the fall distance at some places, like off a hill or some mid-height places people can still land correctly if they did it right, of course the animation of how it shows the survivors falling off is not correct, but them stuttering and not be able to run or even move for a few seconds after falling is realistically right, especially from mid-height areas, but that doesn't mean that dead by daylight needs to go full realistic mode and if a Survivor jumps out of a window as high as one of the windows from red forest or haddonfield should be injured or die, there's games that contain game mechanics and realism mechanics and you usually find those in asymmetrical games because of balance reasons. The survivors are solely human, unless you want to look at them as half human half God (or immortal) or half human half demigod for some reason.

    And I never said it was my logic did I? Though I did get "my" logic from the lore of the game and understand it.

    So you assumed two things so far on me, thinks that the survivors in this game or half human and half immortal, ask a question to me that didn't make sense ("complaining about vaulting a pallet?) And now you blindly jumped into "my logic" and try to use it against me without thinking about?

  • Chaddad2169Chaddad2169 Member Posts: 748
    edited August 2019

    Okay, frankly what you said is an assumption of what I meant.

    First off you were complaining that it wasn't realistic for a survivor to full on throw themselves over a pallet without any momentum to do so. I didn't say anything about you breaking a pallet as survivor, it's quite clearly obvious that breaking pallets is exclusive to killer so don't give me those sarcastic smart ass replies.

    Secondly, you said and I quote "Humans have human abilities, they gain nothing from the entity", false, as I mentioned above, the entity grants the survivor the ability to run endlessly without tiring and can fall from great heights without any injury.

    Post edited by ceridwen309 on
  • MrsPiggyIsSoSneakyMrsPiggyIsSoSneaky Member Posts: 486

    There was nothing sarcastic about it, you worded your sentence that way, in a way that it wasn't executed in the way you wanted to sound like, what you should have said instead that would have made it more clear (and yes I understand what you meant to said but still) "Wow complaining about survivors vaulting a pallet? Just break it" but instead said "complaining about vaulting a pallet?" Which could reference anything, but in that case, people reading that could just assume that you are saying that I'm complaining about vaulting as a survivor and I should break the pallet or referring to me vaulting it in general.

    And also "humans have human abilities, they gain nothing from the entity" is not false, I don't know if you don't read my whole replies or something, but I have clearly stated several times in my past replies saying how that I know that this game isn't all based on reality logic did I not? The only things from what I know so far that the entity gave them is perks and pallets, and really the only other thing the entire gave them is aura reading, now of course going back to what I said earlier, I've should have stated saying survivors gain very little of anything from the entity, but still that can be seen as nothing.

  • Chaddad2169Chaddad2169 Member Posts: 748

    No, the entity gave them the ability to run endlessly without tiring and fall from great heights, there's always an answer as to why the video game parts are there, the reason survivors can do such things is because they are the only abilities the entity gave them.

    The entity gave them pallets and windows to defend themselves, indeed, but the entity also allowed them to run endlessly, never bleed out (when injured), heal without the knowledge or supplies, repair generators without the knowledge or supplies and fall from great heights.

    The entity gave killers abilities so they also gave survivors abilities to stand a chance. It's pretty easy to understand

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