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Clown Add-on Buff

HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,273

So hear me out, Clown's thing is sedation, knocking people out and then murdering them. Clown's actual power is to slow down Survivors, obviously his methods are incredibly weak so they don't fall asleep but get slightly paralyzed from his toxin.

Now here's the buff

Heavy Sedative---Survivors become slowed and enter the Sleep Transition

Sleep Transition is a combo of Deep Wounds with Wake Up, you get a different colored DW bar that does not go down in the TR because fear keeps them awake(go with it). Outside the of TR when the bar goes down they will eventually fall down as if they are in the Dying State but unlike that they can always pick themselves up as if they had Unbreakable. This will keep happening until they get woken up in the same ways OG Freddy had with skill checks and the Wake Up action. Clown does NOT see Survivors who fell down from falling asleep unless he has Deer Stalker.

The whole point of this is that it gives his ability more map pressure. If he has Discordance and M&A then he can chuck this bottle at the Gen putting them both into that ST, he can chase one and the other has to find a way to wake up. This also means that he has synergy with Furtive Chase, the lower his TR is in a chase means that nearby Survivors in the ST will have their bar go down.

At first I wanted to make the Sleep Transition a poison but decided against it, like maybe he has an add-on that afflicts Broken over time instead but that doesn't match with the Clown's backstory. Anyway I thought of this add-on so he would have something that actually made Survivors sleepy instead of slowed which just seems weird with his backstory, like he made dozens of other people fall victim to his tonic but not these guys...

What do you guys think? Also, Survivors will auto wake up if they are hit, so if a Healthy Survivor is hit with this toxin then then hit by Clown the effect will wear off. This toxin is specifically for pressure and effecting Multiple Survivors or making a solo Survivor leave an area.

I'm thinking it's a Rare add-on, that way it won't be too common but it won't be too hard to get either. This whole thing with Freddy having two different abilities with add-ons sets up a lot of options for other Killers :)


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