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Legion buff ideas(PLZ READ)

matt6996matt6996 Member Posts: 82
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As it stands now I believe we all know legion is in a pretty weak spot as of right now from. But legion is one of my most favorite killers i wanted to give out suggestions for a list of buffs. Anyone can add their ideas and give some feedback on what you all think of my ideas. I have added my different ideas to many different discussions but I wanted to make one to bring them all together.

Legion has many different problems with his power which they can add QoL changes to and buffs to make it feel better and to make them a bit more scary. I feel as though they should give back some of legions speed such as a higher FF MS since you can literally loop his power which makes no sense since it was suppose to used for anti loop, also sprint burst is a counter as well since you'll be at 30% of your FF before you catch up and then they'll find a pallet and start looping you. So if they increase the speed to 5.2 or even 5.4 it'll help legion to be able to chain his or her attacks much more easier unless they revert the detection add on's such as susie's mix tape back to a MS add on which I talk about further in the discussion. Next they can increase the vault speed by a bit. They can put it in the middle between the old and new legion vault speed because what we have right now is super sluggish and if you look at it from a survivor perspective it looks strange as well. Next they need to revert the FF timer back to 15 sec because 20 sec is ridiculous since that is 1/4 of a gen done before your can even use your power again. Plus they need to lower the fatigue timer since 4 sec is almost like taking a DS stun an they'll get a lot of distance on you in that time frame. So they need to make it 3 sec at the very least.

Now with the status effect of deep wounds I have very few ideas of how to change it but you can all give your ideas on it. But the only few things that ill change is making survivors have skill checks when mending which would cause them to actually have to pay more attention to their screen instead of just afking it. But if they mess up on the skill check it'll put down their mend time drastically such as removing 40% of your mend timer if you mess up on it, so you'll have 3 times to mess up before you go down and it'll reset the process of it and you'll have to start the mend process over again such as with doctors snap out. But overall with this idea it'll make survivors have to pay more attention when mending and it'll make the blade add on's better since it'll increase the time which can possibly lead to more skill checks, plus it can help to go against BT if they want to keep the two effects the same since BT is a pretty strong perk in this meta.

Next i wanted to address the issue of using attacks in FF and outside of it. For newer players and even a few of the older players we sometimes eat an occasional 360 once in a while and I feel as though being punished so heavily for missing the FF swing is to much. They can keep the idea of getting out your power when missing but they can make it so you only lose 25% or 50% of your meter instead of the full 100% because you have to play as a M1 killer getting looped and mind gamed for a whole 20 sec which is not fun. Next with hitting attacks outside of FF I never understood why you lose meter but if they want to stick to this they can just make you lose only 20% of the meter instead so you can try different straits such as M1, FF, Stab,Stab. But this can make him or her feel a bit more better to play with.

I also wanted to address some of legions add on's since we never even use all of legion add on's. Like as of right now the pin add on's have issues because you have to use 2 FF swings on one person to actually activate the effect which doesn't make sense. They can just fix the pin add on's and also add 60 more sec to them since you really can't get benefit out of them for that 60 sec duration, I also wanted to add some possible add on reworks that they can do too. Please give feedback on what you all think of the ideas. Also I wanted to say earlier that they can either change the pins timers and fix them or just rework them completely

Friendship Bracelet-Slightly Increases FF movement speed(Just a revert)

Never-Sleep Pill-Moderately Increases FF movement Speed(Just a revert again)

Susie's Mixtape-Considerably Increase FF Movement Speed(Just a revert again again)

These add on's needs to be reverted back since Killer instinct goes off of terror radius so you can just use a perk slot to increase Killer Instinct range such as M&A instead of a add on slot. Also even if you see the person who is super far with Killer Instinct you won't be able to reach them with your power since you won't have enough time with the current FF timer. Next with the pin add on's if they plan to rework them they can add-

Smiley Face Pin-Hitting a Survivor with a FF hit applies a debuff which slightly decreases their repair speed for 120 sec

Defaced Smiley Pin-Hitting a Survivor with a FF hit applies a debuff which moderately decreases their repair speed for 120 sec

The Legion Pin-Hitting a Survivor with a FF hit applies a debuff which considerably decreases their repair speed for 120 sec

With these add on changes it'll give the legion player a reason to use their power even if someone may be injured you can think of this like huntress begrimed head add on if they want to follow the same type of idea. If this idea is bad then at least increase the blindness,mangled and broken timer to 120 seconds because there is not enough time to even use the effects. I don't know how bad it'll be to go against but if some wants to respond on this idea please do i'm always open for ideas

Stab Wounds Study- Tremendously increases FF duration.

This add on never really had good value on old legion or new legion so they can just change the add on so that it can be much more useful since duration add on's are very good on legion.

Franks Mixtape- You can see scratch marks in FF.

This add on was one of legions best add on's before they were reworked and now this add on is pretty much useless since you can't even get benefit out of it. So the idea I had was like with one of spirits add ons where she can see blood in her power but with franks mixtape you can only see scratch marks which can help with the chase and you won't lose the survivor so quickly.

So with these different ideas stated please give me some feedback on what you all think of it and what you would all change. Also BHVR please look at some of the discussions that people are giving to you all because some of them are pure genius.

This is just a repost of one of my discussions to put it in a better place :]

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  • ChavanChavan Member Posts: 9
    edited August 2019

    I don't fully agree with some changes but I definetly agree with other ones; I am not going to talk about add-ons since BHVR said they are going to buff them, so let's talk about the power. I am going to say what I liked about your ideas and adjust it a bit.

    So I don't think that his FF movement speed needs to be increased, it may be slower than the original but it's much longer and his normal movement speed is also bigger, but I do think however that his vault speed should be increased, it's just a bit too slow currently.

    Now, mending skillchecks, I absolutely love that idea, it just gives you so many possibilities, you could do builds like "Impossible skillchecks Legion" and maybe there could be an addon that reveals a survivor's aura if they fail a mending skillcheck, but I think that maybe decrease the amount of the meter being removed at least to 25%.

    Also blocking survivors from doing gens entirely doesn't sound that good, but I can understand your point so maybe instead of blocking them from doing that entirely just give them 15% slower generator repair while in deep wound.

    The punishment for missing a hit is kind of big currently, losing only 50% doesn't sound bad, but I am not sure.

    Now I am going to add my idea: decrease the fatigue by 0.5 seconds and let legion use FF when it's loaded over 60% but then if he uses frenzy while it's not fully loaded make the fatigue 0.5 seconds longer.

    But I think that all these changes could make him too complicated and maybe too strong if they were all added together, so I think that it's more of a list of possible changes from which maybe 2 could be chosen.

  • xllxENIGMAxllxxllxENIGMAxllx Member Posts: 923

    All i want is a legion that put more pressure how to do that.

    Legion changes

    • reduced terror radius to 24m from 32m.

    Feral frenzy

    • Increased movement speed to 5,28m/s from 5,0m/s (old Legion speed)(or could be higher 5,48m/s)
    • Increased duration to 15s from 10s (to travel though the map in frenzy).
    • Reduced cooldown to 3s
    • Missing an attack ends frenzy
    • Increased pallet vault speed to 1,1s from 1,35s (old legion was 0,9s)
    • Windows vault speed remain the same

    Add-ons changes

    • All pins : Apply with the deep wounds effect.
    • Frank mix tape : Can down survivors in feral frenzy if survivors is injured. (To test on a PTB)(multiple down potential if survivors don't heal)

    feral frenzy change (test only)

    • Make frenzy a power without gauge and without cooldown. When hitting someone the normal gauge occur and so the cooldown. If you use frenzy for travelling purpose which increase their pressure on the maps you get no cooldown or reduced cooldown.

    My proposal is to make legion a more oppresive killer by increasing his frenzy movement speed and duration so he can move over the maps to put pressure. These changes increase his potential multiple targets chase and increase his pressure on generators without making him OP or broken like old legion was.

    Current legion lacks pressure and chase potential as their power don't help in chase (FF is not lethal).

  • matt6996matt6996 Member Posts: 82

    I can agree with your idea that locking someone off a gen would be bad to go against so im with your idea of the decreased repair speed.

  • matt6996matt6996 Member Posts: 82

    It will be weird to reduce the terror radius since their a M1 killer now but KI goes off of terror radius so a big terror radius isn't so bad. But it'll be interesting to see how your changes would work since M&A would be very good on them again which would be great.

  • xllxENIGMAxllxxllxENIGMAxllx Member Posts: 923

    terror radius is reduced but when using frenzy he increase to 32m.

  • matt6996matt6996 Member Posts: 82

    Ah that makes more sense that'll be hard to implement I think but it'll certainly be a great change!

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