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Can we get Leatherface skins like the ones he has on Mortal Kombat X or just more cosmetics for him?

Title. Leatherface in Mortal Kombat X has multiple skins while Leatherface only has a single one here, bar faces.

MKX Leatherface has a formal suit and tie outfit, plaid with a white apron, recolours, andother outfits.

Knowing that The Pig got extra cosmetics as well, would it at all be possible for Leatherface to get some too? Or were The Pig’s license holders a bit more lenient than all the others which made it possible in the first place?

I’d love to see Bubba wearing some new threads.


  • DaS_onlyDaS_only Member Posts: 656

    Let's fix his m2 first and make him viable against strong survivors first. He has no cosmetic selling point, not worth the money. The only reason why people bought him is for bbq and some evil players for facecamping.

  • XAbbasXXAbbasX Member Posts: 55

    Lol a good idea .

    imagine playing as a 2003 leatherface . He would be scary instead playing the 1974 him

  • TheGameZpro3TheGameZpro3 Member Posts: 699
    edited August 2019

    GREAT IDEA! Lets go get the cosmetic team that only works on designing cosmetics on that right away.

  • DaS_onlyDaS_only Member Posts: 656

    This point is so often brought up and yet still no matter how much you explain to people why it matters they don't get it.

    BHVR is INVESTING money to the cosmetic team. They PAY THEM. So it would be stupid to pay them to do cosmetics which noone will buy because the killer is the weakest in the game with an m2 ability hardly working + licence needs to be payed aswell. Activate you brain please, don't act as beeing a smart business man when u can't even think 2 steps ahead.

  • AceonfireAceonfire Member Posts: 299

    The fact he doesn't at least have that full black suit and tie from one of the most iconic horror movie scenes of all time, the end of the original TCSM, is a travesty IMO.

    Being denied all of the Justin Timberlake "suit and tie" memes hurts me everyday. 😓

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