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is the plague with no power better version of current legion ?


so both killers are 115%

both have 32 TR

plague is taller while legion is average


plague has some interesting addons even without need to use power

legion addons are terrible . only few are decent , one of worst addons in the game


plague - has all 3 interesting perks but only 2 of them are actually pretty good : Infectious Fright and Corrupt Intervention

legion - has also interesting perks in theory but they are terrible and useless expect discordance


Plague has more interesting lore than bunch of kids in mask , there is already gf now

Trailer ; legion trailor would be better if it wasnt bait , in trailer he is sitting next to david and he doesnt know he is killer ....

POWER: ( kinda should be no power . since its just base vomit plague and legion has no power now but yeah )

Plague ;( assuming that survivors dont cleanse ) after vomitting of certain amount of time ( can be decreased by addons ) on to survivor they stay injured and broken for whole match . you can also vomit pallets generators . also survivors are easier to track while they are sick

and you dont need waste slot for sloppy butcher

Legion . Feral frenzy ( he is slighty faster for 10 seconds / can vault pallets and slighty faster windows , if he hit survivor he then : a ) cripple himself with a 4 second stun so that survivor can run to safe pallet or b) he find other survivor but his feral frenzy ends before he can get to them and he again cripple himself with a stun . while ff he deep wounds survivors which has 0 % lethality and you can easily mend which isnt even considered a healing action . you also cant see progress of survivor deep wounds so you cant tell if they are in your terror radiud or not , and legion has now 32 TR so he wont catch of guards survivors anymore and once people see smb is in deep wounds they will play alone to counter completely legion .

Legion is worse than a plague who is mid tier killer without even use of power


  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 1,771

    Yes, Plague is better than Legion even without Corrupt Purge, but Corrupt Intervention ( her perk ) isn't that good.

  • BlueFangBlueFang Member Posts: 1,093

    Plague design, lore, and power is infinitely better then Legion

    That said I don't play either as though Plague's power is better I just don't find it interesting. Plus she's very hard to mindgame with because she's so insanely tall

  • drimmalordrimmalor Member, Mod Posts: 537

    The main difference between the two is that people do frequently spend time healing against Legion (because it's more viable than cleansing), which takes time on top of Mending if you're spreading out hits. This takes away time from repairing gens, while against Plague you don't really get that same option as a survivor.

    If we're assuming that survivors spend no time healing against Legion and don't cleanse against Plague, it's really a toss-up by individual preference.

    Plague: Louder survivors (puking/coughing); infecting objects for loose tracking; slightly longer to get survivor Broken before hitting but easier follow-up

    Legion: built-in tracking to injure all survivors quickly (with the option to use it again if you really need to find a stealthy survivor); shorter stature; slight movement speed bonus when using power to travel

    I may have overlooked something in this comparison but that's what came to mind right now 😁

  • purplerainpurplerain Member Posts: 92

    ye but its also 0 fun playing legion . before his rework you had fun even when lose because you could hop hop fast all pallets , and now you are way slower ,

    Its kinda like the tables turned before legion players had fun though only with addons he was strong , but now legion is least fun killer in game for me , and survivors have fun now vs him because they can juke him in pallets and windows and if he miss 1 attacks its like 30 second of chase bonus added and its gg wp

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 5,134

    Plague is better than Legion due to how the final effect is more impactful.

    Legion injures you and slightly slows you with the 15 second mend. The Plague however both injures you for the entire trial unless you cleanse, but also means you will be even easier to track thanks to infecting objects.

    Now the REAL reason Plague is better than Legion is because of her perk builds. Specifically, she can use thanataphobia + Monitor in order to heavily capitalize on the injured Survivors properly. They suddenly start doing gens much slower and have to deal with a 24 meter TR 115% Killer.

    Yes Legion can do this too, but this has the obvious counterplay of just healing. You can't really do that against the Plague, so she's dangerous enough to be high tier.

    Also her addons let her be very good. Yes addon dependency doesn't qualify a Killer as being properly viable like Spirit, Nurse, Hag or whatever are but it's still far better than most Killers.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 2,605

    Plague has some resistance to corn blindness, don't forget. : P

  • HorusHorus Member Posts: 850

    Yes just really boring

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