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How To Spirit - a beginner guide

xnes_galaxxnes_galax Member Posts: 149

Hello friend! Since you are here i guess that you are interested on learning something about Rin Yamaoka, also known as The Spirit. Well, if that's the case, i am here to help you. Spirit is my favourite character by far and i played her a lot.

Before getting into it, i want to advice you about my english. it's not perfect. It still readable an you shouldn't have big problems but it probably could be more smooth and clear. I am sorry for this.

But that's enough talking. Let's start !

Why you should play The Spirit?

Is a popular opinion that The Spirit is the second best killer in the game, and i agree with that. Her power offer a lot of versatility and this allow you to use a large amount of perks as well as different strategies to fit your playstyle more.

Her learning curve is amazing, in fact you will see improvements match after match. Rin also offer a great moral reward for each single hit that you get, this is because she completely rely on her power to down survivors, so you have to deserve them. 

This is an overall view about The Spirit

She has a 24 m terror radius, and 4.4m/s(110%) base movement speed. During the phase walk she moves at 7.04m/s (176%). The Spirit occasionally performs a passive phase, leaving a trail of "still images" behind her, confusing Survivors about her direction. (data gathered from the dbd wiki).

Her power is called Yamaoka's haunting and it allow her to enter the phase walk for a short duration (5 seconds by default). While in a phase walk, she turn invisible and moves faster, but she lose her ability to see survivors. Leaving the phase walk, manually or once the power gauge deplete, gives her a short movement boost and this increase you lunge. Once fully depleted your power take 15 seconds to fully charge up. 

The Spirit has a great mobility tool as well as a powerful way to deal with loops. She's an aggressive killer. 

As i said, Rin Yamaoka is a versatile killer, and you can play her in different ways. You can go full Chase and just focus on downing and hooking survivors. You can put pressure by slugging and using downed survivors as a bait. You can use her as a semi stealth killer going for grabs.  

I can't tell you which of these style you should follow. This is up to you. What i can do is help you choosing through all of these. 

Full aggro 

You are the best at hunting down survivors, and this is also how you apply pressure on them. This strategy is probably the easiest to use and has the potential to be the better one, but there is an huge counter that really hinder it efficiency: a survivor that you can't catch quickly. 

Your only tool to slow the game is by applying pressure on survivors, one survivor hooked means that another survivor has to come and save him. If you find and down another survivor in time you have 3 of them off gens. Hook the third and immediately start another chase. You have to keep doing this over and over again. The pressure is huge, but if you mess up even a single time, it will be very hard to gain back. 

There is a list of perks that i find really good with this strategy. 

BBQ&chilli : a must if you want to go full aggro. Aside from Blood Points, this will give you a new target as soon as you hook your pray. 

Whispers : this perk is really controversial. Some people find it super useful, while other think that is trash. I belong the first group so i have to recommend it to you. Thanks to Whispers, you will be able to find your first survivor almost instantly and it can help you find a new target if you are lost at some point in the match. 

Save The Best For Last : if you want to end chase faster, you absolutely need this. I find this perk particularly useful on spirit since you can hit a survivor, recover really fast and then phase walk into them and get a down. 

Rancor : this perk is a great alternative to whispers. It works really well in combo with Save The Best For Last since you can basically ignore the obsession until the end, when you one shot and instant mori him. 

Slug master

If they are on the ground, they can't help the team. 

This strategy is probably the hardest one, since is not just downing people and let them there.

You need to know when to slug and when not to. 

You need to know when to use them as a bait, and when to just go after someone else. 

So much practice is needed, but i can guarantee that you will never have problems with genrush. 

I would suggest to leave survivors crawling when someone else is around, or if you know a generator is going to be completed soon. The first times you will slug in the bad moments, or not slug when you should. Keep on trying and you will become a Slug Master.

Perks that i suggest

Deerstalker : it can't be a slug build without deerstalker. You will never lose track of them.

A nurse's calling : probably the only alternative to deerstalker. Is also a great perk on spirit by itself. 

Your TR is 24m and the range of the perk is 28m. You can see them healing without them noticing you. At this point you can phase walk over them and get a free down.

Infectious Fright : when you down someone, you see everyone in a 24m range. Especially good if there are survivors with a flashlight. Not much to say here. If someone is that close, you can afford to chase him. 

Jumpscare spirit

Sneak behind them, and put them on your shoulders. So much fun indeed, but i can't really say that it's an effective strategy. 

You want to take advantage of your small Terror Radius and your phase in order to grab them from generators, totems, unhooking action or just get some free hits. 

Of course this strategy really benefit from the prayer bead bracelet add on, but you can manage to pull survivors of even without it. 

If you learn how much 24m is in the game, you can place yourself so that your TR barely touch the generator they are working on to remove the phase sound, but the heart beat would be so quiet that they may not even notice it. Another good way is faking to go away. It won't work against good survivors, but there's nothing wrong trying. Kick a generator, take a couple of step away from it and face the opposite way. It will look like you are phasing, and some awkward survivors will take the chance to instantly come back and work on the gen. At this point you start phasing and grab them. 

You can also to this while in a chase. If you see someone working on a generator in your terror radius, pretend that you are phasing to chase the other guy, then change direction and get a free grab. A very important thing to bear in mind is that your husk will face the direction you were facing right before you enter the phase walk. While charging your ability be sure to look somewhere else and turn back only when is completed. Is a good habit to have. Do it always, even if noone is around. I will get quickly used to it. 

Perks that can help with this strategy

Distressing : bigger terror radius means less phase sound. It make easier to get grabs while in a chase. 

BBQ&Chilli: knowing where people are is essential to get a grab. Also double Bloodpoints are always nice to have.

Discordance : if a gen pop in yellow, you want to phase on it. 2 people mean double chance to get a grab. 

Surveillance : it's nice to have a way to know which gens aren't getting repaired. Also really help with the "fake to go away" grab technique since it allow you to go a little bit further and make it look like you are really gone. 

A nurse's calling : the reason is the same that i explained on the "slug master" strategy. You can easily sneak up on someone injured and get a free down with it

IMPORTANT!  Monitor & Abuse will make your TR 16 meters, which is really good, but will also make easier to detect you because of the phase sound. It's a double edged weapon. Be cautious. 

After all of this, you could already have an idea of what you want to go for. I'd suggest you to try all of these strategies and even more if you find something that could work. Remember that you don't have to do a single thing, for example you can go full chase but take the opportunity to grab someone. 

The phase walk

Is important to talk about how to get downs, your power.

It may sounds obvious, but it take a lot of practice. I would suggest to don't use Predator or Stridor while learning. You don't want to rely on scratch marks, and Stridor hinder you more than help, in fact you will not be able to play without it. 

What you want to look for are moving piece of grass/corns and listen for footsteps, breathing and pain grunts. You still have collisions with survivors, so if you walk into an invisible wall, exit the phase and swing. Your husk also have collisions, so be sure to leave it in front of a window or a pallet in order to block it. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to never use all your power in a chase. If you miss for some reasons you will be powerless for 15 seconds, which is a lot. I suggest to use half of your power at a time. Don't be afraid to use it just as a speed boost. 

I also want to talk about the killer's shack.

The nightmare of almost all killers, but not your. When the survivor is inside, go to the window. Now he has 3 options. The survivor think you are vaulting and choose to run to the pallet, or to the other door.

In both of this cases you quickly start a phase and catch them. If the survivor guess that you are phasing he will vault the window, but you are here waiting for it. You can also face to the right side of the window to make them think you are coming from the backdoor, so the options will be just 2. Vaulting or running to the pallet. 

If you want to predict him,  chance are that the survivor will run to the pallet.

There are plenty of more maze tiles and place to "mind game" with your power, but i will leave you the fun of discovering and testing them all.

Before the end, i want to cover all her add ons. These are just personal thoughts, you can prefer others over these. 

Groups of addons

Activation Charge speed: the best group of add ons in my opinion. It leave less time to the survivor to react or less distance for you to cover in order to reach them

Movement speed: BAD! You are already super fast during a phase walk. These add ons are outclassed by all others.

Recovery speed: these are good. You can afford to use more power and use it more frequently, so better outcomes in a chase. This also let you use your ability just for mobility without having troubles with being powerless for too long

Phase duration: better version of movement speed+recovery speed. Slower consumption rate means you can stay longer in phase walk, so more time to track or to move around the map. Remember, recovery time is not increased. 

Passive phase buff: the problem with these addons is that you can't control the passive phase in any way. You don't know when it start nor when it end. Is full RNG.  

Post-phase movement speed: these add ons are really funny, and let you have less punishment for a bad tracking since you will have an huge speed buff while coming out of a phase walk. Nice for learning. 

Uniques addons

Yakuyoke amulet: probably the best Spirit's addon. Is like using 3 of them in one slot

Prayer beads bracelet: also known as the "no counterplay spirit". One of the most hated add ons in the game. No phase sound leave almost no way to deal with The Spirit and avoid being grabbed of gens

Mother-daughter ring: the movement speed is so huge that i can't compare it with the other movement speed add ons. Still not the best, but certainly useful. The downside isn't much since as i said, you don't want to rely on scratch marks in order to track survivors.

Father's glasses: it make impossible to bad track an injured target, but a good spirit shouldn't have any problem with it. Only good if the survivors are running Iron Will or if you are still learning. 

That's all. I hope you enjoyed reading it and that you learned something more on how to play The Spirit. If you have any question or feedback, feel free to leave it on the comment or DM me.

See you the next time! 


  • KallKall Member Posts: 44

    I had three 0k games before reading this, went back into the game and got two 4k games with 4 red badges, suffice to say this was a game changer. 😂

    Yeah Necro, so what, it's a good guide.

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