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LordziPLLordziPL Member Posts: 590

Space Coconut is really smart DbD player. I agree with 95% of his ideas and I think you should watch this.

And that's a fact. You should contact [killer name] Mains and ask for their opinions on them.

Can we get the info about it?


  • FictionalnameFictionalname Member Posts: 121

    Pretty much.

    I wish whoever came up with "Lets make a killer power that survivors can cancel" would get tossed out a window. Especially Ghostface since I was hyped and insta p3 him only for him to get that nasty 8% increase making him another useless m1 killer. Budget Myers.

  • LordziPLLordziPL Member Posts: 590


    I mean GF have a nice concept but canceling his power is to easy.

  • LordziPLLordziPL Member Posts: 590


    Edit is correct.

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