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Nerf billy



  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 1,134

    Must not be nearly as often. Otherwise I wouldn't even have spoken.

  • SoylentPixieSoylentPixie Member Posts: 411

    I'll be honest, Billy makes me shudder and cry a little inside, especially if he has ruin, because I know I'm in for a tough time.....

    ....If I'm not completely on the ball!

    Yes Billy is tough, yes sometimes it feels like he's the roadrunner on crack, and yes, he can snowball you like no other...but it takes skill. See that billy turning the corner like a formula one car? That actually takes practice, his speed is an advantage, but if his player doesn't make the right adjustments, he's headbutting trees like nobodies business. If the survivor is good at tight loops and running into crowded with objects areas, its a royal pain to get through it and still keep that chainsaw revved.

    I loose in a lot of Billy games, but the ones where I manage to get out by the skin of my teeth, the ones where I'm part of an amazing team save during the EGC...those are freaking rewarding as hell!

    Maybe I'm weird, or maybe i just try really hard to be objective about both sides, but I'd take the wet-your-pants near misses and edge of your seat escapes against difficult killers, over skipping on out of the gates 8 out of ten matches any day.

    You certainly don't have to agree with me, but personally i think he's pretty okay. I can't really comment on his addons as i haven't looked into them with any real depth, but i still love his zoom zoom...even if it does make me want to burrow into the dirt beneath me to get away.

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 93

    Here we go again with the complaining survs😂 and NOOOO cuz I main Billy and I'm actually really good with him I also play doc but Billy is my go to choice, if they would to Nerf Billy then honestly he'd be the bottom teir and not one of the best killers, also u can easily juke him when he is reving his chainsaw up and or running at u with it so u complaining tells us ur just not that good as u think so just leave Billy alone and ok play with someone else or start playing killer

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 93

    I had the worse time with Billy when I first started the game but it teaches u to be careful and when u see him get into a loop and find windows pallets so if he uses his chainsaw u can escape also when he uses his chainsaw he turn waaay to slow which gives yall a chance to do a juke on him, but when I started to main Billy ( i still play survs) I mastered him to the point that I'm not stupid and won't use my chainsaw if they are in a loop or if there is to many props in the way

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 93

    I know he is getting slaughtered in these comments😭😂 funny but hopefully the devs don't take this seriously

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 93

    Ur the first surv I've heard say this, thank u I really do like how u went into details, I really do wish more people were like this especially for being I Billy main myself I get alot of hate messages 😂 but there are times I get messages saying gg and ur good and that makes me smile so thank u kind person and I hope u win ur next match against a Billy main

  • SoylentPixieSoylentPixie Member Posts: 411

    You are most welcome, a little objectivity goes a long way. Another reason I always promote playing both sides, even if its just practising in Kill your Friends. My friends and I actually spend a lot of time in KYF, trying out all the killers and different variations of survivor perks. It's a no pressure way to test things. I'm still horribly abysmal with billy, but that hasn't stopped me trying.

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 93

    I'm glad ur able to have fun 😊 especially with ur friends. Tips for Billy for add ons get his spark plug and vegetable oil or if u have the spike boots put that on so u can turn faster, and with perks well I'll let u figure that out so u can find a build u love on Billy, goodluck and it was a pleasure

  • HorusHorus Member Posts: 590
  • OmansOmans Member Posts: 119

    I hate going up against billy because he is really good at taking advantage of survivor mistakes, which, when you are playing solo survivor, you can expect to see a lot of from your teammates. But a good billy against good survivors is a great, balanced game.

  • Ghost077Ghost077 Member Posts: 336

    All killers, except Nurse, have one or another limitation of force. Spirit has a recharge, Huntress limit axes, etc. Billy can travel around the map without restrictions. Unlike others, he can use his power anytime. In combination with the ability to instantly give a dying state, this is a too much. It’s not very fair, special if map is some like as Rotten Fields. Thus, it deserves at least a small nerf, giving a recharge of the saw after some time.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 11,712

    That's kinda why they shouldn't be nerfed. Players don't want artificial skill ceilings that limit how good a character can be, they want their skill to actually matter.

  • RedcumRedcum Member Posts: 196

    He needs an addon rework, insta chainsaw is definitely not balanced. Besides that he's alright, a bit lame to face because of latency but dedicated servers should fix this issue.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,197

    Except he has a cooldown, casting time, forced forward movement, collision penalty and reduced steering. The first and the last three points get magically ignored in every thread.

    His cooldown, unlike spirit, even disables attacking and interacting.

  • DingDongsDingDongs Member Posts: 359

    Everyone: Nerf Nurse, Hillbilly, Spirit, etc!

    Me: Buff low-mid tier killer!

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 498
    edited August 14

    You are talking about Rotten Fields as a unfair map against Billy, but what if Billy gets Lery's or The Game or Haddonfield ? Are these maps fair for him ? I don't think so.

  • Predator3174PLPredator3174PL Member Posts: 33

    Nerf Billy and what? Have only 2 viable killers. Then what? "Nerf Nurse/Spirit" will be our norm?

  • Ghost077Ghost077 Member Posts: 336
    edited August 14

    Then i want Huntress with endless axes. Spirit with instant recharge. Clown with endless bottles.

    They are scanty. A few seconds, and you can again threaten to immediately put down the survivor. Like and 2-3 seconds of the nurse’s stun are negligible and omission from this eliminated in a couple of seconds. If, say, Spirit screwed up with a teleport, before reloading the force, it becomes an ordinary m1 killer at a speed of 4.4 for 15 sec. Like and Huntress, throwing all the axes. I played little on Billy, but even that was enough to get games much easier than on most other killers, and you know that very well.

    Actually, I'm not talking about the big nerf, reloading the saw will not greatly affect on ability to chase, it will just make it more honest, compared to the strength of other killers. Let's say this is overheating after 10 full starts of the saw with a cooldown. Or something similar.


    I agree with 1. Except the Spirit. She's fine. And with 2 too.


    These maps are more likely an exception. On most, it’s easy for him to travel from gen to gen.

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  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 498

    Rotten Fields is a exception for Billy too. Most maps aren't that open and in most maps if not on all, Billy is easily loopable.

  • May_Be_AFKMay_Be_AFK Member Posts: 39

    Give me NASCAR Billy Add-ons. I mean where he can only turn left, goes 200+ mph and when he bumps into things he explodes into a ball of fire (IE - Talladega Nights/Ricky Bobby).


  • harry14141414harry14141414 Member Posts: 193

    no .. theres tens or hundreds of players like Ryan or better than him

    what Im saying is that this killer isn't balanced unless a bot is controlling him.

  • harry14141414harry14141414 Member Posts: 193

    lol say what ? his abilty is easy to dodge??

    I think devs and community managers never play against rank 1 killers

  • CoodanCoodan Member Posts: 34

    Billy definitely doesn't need any nerfs what so ever. The people who say this are either low rank survivors or people who want the game to be a bully simulator. Billy is a good killer but is definitely not the best because he can be looped. People complain about his chainsaw being op but the only way you will get chainsawed is if you mess up. As long as you have good positioning and know how to loop he just turns into a mouse 1 killer equivalent to the wraith. I honestly don't understand how people don't understand this.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 528

    The saw does have a cooldown. Get better at looping.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 528

    Well, I do. It is VERY easy to dodge. Jungle gyms and infinites force Billy to M1.

  • Hoodedfengm1nHoodedfengm1n Member Posts: 4,607

    Kind sir or ma'am are you speaking in moon runes?

    Also no because he is fine

  • SulfonicFaun52SulfonicFaun52 Member Posts: 21

    If survivor is crouching Billy should just trip over them, $h!t himself, and die bruh.

  • Ghost077Ghost077 Member Posts: 336

    The pistol does have a cooldown. Get better at dodging bullets.

    If you do not understand, I do not consider Billy separately. A situation where several killers are clearly stronger than others is a bad balance. They should be approximately equal in strength. All.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 528

    You simply want to bully Killers, like most survivors. Billy is absolutely fine. He is loopable, like so loopable i can loop him. His saw is easy to dodge, you might have to put effort into PRACTICING to beat him, but, he is very balanced. Also, not sure what your analogy is but, most pistols fire as fast as you can pull the trigger and have the cartridge exit the gun.

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