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List of character model errors and store wishlist

Some things i Noticed and think could use a fix or improvement.

I don't own every cosmetic so there could be more added to the list later on

  • On these pants of Davids both normal and prestige, the toe doesn't bend when working on a generator
  • i don't own any recolours of the pants but i'll assume none of them bend at the toe either
  • One small thing for David is his Thumbs on his ugly Christmas sweater isn't bent like the rest of his torso customisation
  • Its easier to tell when fast swapping between this torso and another
  • very minor i know :v

On every coat of Adam Francis, the vests are twisted sideways

  • the icons in the store all look normal except for the black vested one for some reason

Hags tattered silk dress body customisation has a bit of the shoe stretching out

Nea's Pastel Bob, just needs some darker colouring even just a pink added to the head texture so it doesn't look like shes bald through the gaps in the hair

  • (I think there's a few other characters hair that does this but I cant recall at the moment)

Something needs to happen to Old man Jake, its pretty dire

Jake when injured and crouched - Its like his irises are clipping through his eyelids but its weird because his eyes aren't blue, not too sure whats happening

Maybe not an mistake but most of megs default pants recolours have solid black shoes, as if they were left uncoloured by accident

Fengs Fringe is a bit different to its artwork

  • Can these bangs get an update
  • cut evenly would be nice

Kate has her scalp clipping through her pony tail hair customisation sometimes during ingame actions

Dwight's Blue steel spectacles when in the tally screen is missing his moustache

When Ash is opening an exit gate his eyelids move in an unnatural way

Ace gets stretchy deformed eyes during locker grab animation + Other character displaced eyes

Ace's salt an pepper pompadour as some serious asymmetrical nose hair

Not a Model error but more of a request - Fengs idle animation has her crossing her arms, and you can't see details or images on her various torso customisations. Only way to view would be to buy the item or guess by looking at the store icons

  • I'd like for Feng to have an addition to her idle animation where she uncrosses her arms

Same as the Feng one but slightly different - The spirits Weapon will disappear into her hand, making you wait awhile to bring it out again so you can view the different weapons.

  • Not too sure on how to address but an idea for all killers is that you could click a button and view their weapons separately
  • maybe you can see how the weapon looks in first person or just floating allowing you to rotate and inspect it
  • I wont suggest always having her always holding it out, because we also want to see how it looks hidden in her hand too


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