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Wraith needs some improvements

Currently as it stands, Wraith is considered by many to be a weak killer unless you're running the windstorm & swift hunt combo which often means that a lot of the same addons get used, often killing off variety and leaving you limited to the same meta in order to perform well with him. With this post I'm looking to make suggestions that accomplish the following ;

  • Improve gameplay experience as Wraith.
  • Provide more strategies to allow a good Wraith to perform better than most M1 killers without addons.
  • Allow wraith to have the strength and pressure he needs to encourage the use of more unique builds.

As usual with my posts, each suggestion will explain what I think should be added to Wraith's kit and why I think it would be a good addition.

1 : Provide Wraith with the mobility boost he gets from either "Windstorm" - White or "Windstorm" - Blood.

This addon alone allows Wraith to be a much better killer because it provides him the mobility he needs in order to apply a decent amount of pressure in an average match. Apparently according to the DbD wiki this would increase Wraith's cloaked movement speed by 16/20 % respectively, neither of which would be too insane to include in his base however considering the fact that this would not be my only suggestion, I would probably recommend "Windstorm" - White more.

Ontop of providing Wraith a solid form of mobility, this suggestion would also make it easier for Wraith to utilize his increased speed to bodyblock windows or pallets before a survivor reaches them, making him a slightly larger threat to survivors.

Lastly, this suggestion would open a window to make other perks more worthwhile to use on Wraith such as PGTW or MYC as his even higher mobility while cloaked would provide better synergy without the use of addons while also encouraging the use of other addons rather than strictly windstorm/swift hunt.

2 : Reduce the uncloak time from 3 seconds to 2.5 seconds.

Currently it takes a decent amount of time to uncloak, despite the fact that Wraith's power pretty much only allows him to sneak up on survivors more easily without addons and is pretty much always a basic M1 killer. A slightly faster uncloak speed would allow Wraith to have a better chance to utilize his 1 second speed boost giving him more strength at pallet loops. Lastly, this suggestion would remove the need of having to run Swift Hunt, once again making room for more unique addons to be used rather than the same two.

3 : Make both "Shadow Dance" - White and "Serpent" - Soot baseline. (Not necessary)

The reason why I included both of these in a single suggestion rather than making them in a different one is to provide a new strategy for Wraith that players can utilize if done correctly without needing to use addons. The idea here is to provide Wraith with a new situational, but quicker method of uncloaking without being too overwhelming. When used right, these two addons can allow you to zone a survivor into a bad position and then break the pallet while cloaked to ensure the survivor gains less distance and to resume the chase even sooner, similarly to how both Hillbilly and Leatherface can.

Obviously of course, I do not believe this suggestion is actually necessary unlike the previous two, however it does always give Wraith more tools to be a greater threat and more strategies that a good killer would be able to utilize in the right situations which is why I bothered to suggest this. This in my opinion would also remove dependency from the Spirit Fury/Enduring combo and instead provide incentive to use Brutal Strength for synergy with his power.

These are the suggestions I believe would help make Wraith a much stronger killer without being overly oppressive, I'm also sure that other people have already suggested these before however where I personally haven't seen a post about Wraith in a while I wanted to make one.


  • Damon22441Damon22441 Member Posts: 30

    100% agree to all of this. The easiest way to make a Wraith sad is to be near windows, and from having played (against) Wraith a lot I can testify that his best add-on is Shadow Dance. Ever since the devs made the maps more random, there always seems to be those windows that are way too good, and the faster pallet breaking is almost necessary since breaking them even with Brutal Strength is enough time for a survivor to get to another one.

    I often find that running both add-ons as Swift Hunt, it still takes forever to get out of invis. Recently I ran Windstorm and Swift Hunt purples and managed to get in front of a survivor trying to loop a pallet. He pressed against me for a short while as I began uncloaking, but he still had enough time to run far enough away around the loop that I couldn't lunge at him before he got to the other side of the same pallet I just body blocked him from. Without a doubt, the uncloaking takes too long base. (The pallet distance was a medium size.) Meanwhile, comboing Shadow Dances with Brutal Strength is very powerful against those taunting survivors that don't run from the other side of a pallet. Nothing like smashing it to pieces as they realize they shouldn't have been so cocky.

    I would also suggest making his invisibility like Freddy's in that you can't see his refraction unless he's a certain distance away. As it is now, SFWs can communicate where you are because you're still visible across the map. I really don't understand why this isn't like this already.

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