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Yandere simulator paragraph concept

joshuashep22joshuashep22 Member Posts: 119
edited August 2019 in Creations

Even though the characters would not be fitting for a game like dead by daylight I thought it would be fun to share my take on the idea of a yandere simulator paragraph


Name: ayano aishi

Gender: female

Age: 17 (backstory) 21 (in game)

Height: small

Weapon: sacrificial knife

Speed: 115% (4.6m/s)

Terror radius: 32 meters

Backstory: ayano was a very depressed girl for most of her life numb to all emotions until she met a boy named taro yamada he truly was the light and love of her life but something went wrong that day a girl aproached taro and confessed her love to him under a pink cherry blossom tree taro accepted her confession and ayano was heartbroken and snapped with rage and jealousy at the thought of taro accepting the confession of a low life a average grade student such as the girl ayano shortly after class ayano stabbed the girl with a ritual knife she obtained from an occult club she then turned her attention to taro and planned to kill him for confessing to the girl she had him cornered but before she could land a killing blow she was apprehended by a heroic male student who tried to disarm her ayano won the struggle but before dying the student had turned the knife around on ayano and stabbed her in the stomach boiling with rage anger pain and betrayal she turned to taro and said to him "I will deal with you later!" She laughed maniacally and proceeded towards the occult club's signature room but when she entered she felt a presence something warm bittersweet yet cold at the same time it filled her with the same feeling of courage and love when she first met taro before she could place the knife back were it came from she fell unconscious due to blood loss then she woke up but this time somewhere different... She heard an explosion and when she went to find where the explosion came from she encountered a group of four people she felt that same feeling from before but this time it was rage anger and jealousy something came over ayano and she noticed she still had the sacrificial knife from before she knew what needed to be done and she did it...

Power: insanity

The longer you chase and mangle survivors the more you lose your connection with the entity and the more determined to finish the kill you become you start with an empty power gauge in the bottom left every time you injure and hook survivors the more full the bar becomes and the more powerful you become every successful hit add's 1 tick to your power meter every hook add's 3 tick's to your power meter

When you have 6 tick's your successful attack cooldown will be decreased by 20% and survivors hit suffer from the mangled status effect when you have 12 tick's your bloodstain will disappear and your terror radius will be replaced with laughing additionally you will move 2.5% faster when you have 18 tick's ayano can vault pallets at the speed of 1.25 seconds and vault windows in 1 second and she moves an additional 2.5% faster when you have 24 tick's ayano will suffer from exhaustion and her power bar will be drained down to 6 tick's


hex: emotion vampire

You feed off of the survivors dwindling hope As long as the associated hex totem stands survivors recover from status effects 11%/22%/33% slower


Pain brings you great pleasure being stunned by a pallet grants you one token up to a maximum of five tokens each token increases your pallet break speed by 4%/5%/6%

Yandere senses

A survivor will be chosen to be the obsession you see the obsessions aura when within 16/18/20 meters of them your successful attack cooldown on the obsession is increased by 20%

Notes: ayano will talk if she has less than 12 tick's

Here are some quotes I came up with

When stunned:

"Ow stop that!"

"You are only delaying the inevitable"

"Run little rabbit run"

"(Incomprehensible muttering)"

When blinded:

"What the hell?!?"

"That hurts you know"

"Where did you go?"

"My eyes..."

When a generator is completed:


"I had better hurry up"

"What is that?"

"That can't be good"

"Did they get one?"

"I think they did a generator"

"they must be over there!"

"Surely they must get bored after a while?"

Survivor sacrificed/killed:

"That's one"

"One down"

"I feel... Happy?"

"Three left? I lost count"

"I got one!"

"See? That was not so difficult"

"How many left?"

Note: when ayano has 12 or more tick's she will instead just mutter incomprehensibly

Note: survivor can tell how many tick's ayano has based on her posture and appearances

No tick's: relaxed posture with arms swaying side to side

6 tick's: slightly bent posture with stiff arms ayano will have a slight smile

12 tick's: bent posture with clenched fist ayano will smirk

18 tick's bent posture clenched fist knife above head ayano will smile and her head will twitch

Let me know what you think constructive criticism would be appreciated.

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  • SziosisSziosis Member Posts: 158

    I love the perks and the laughter terror radius. The power could be better because you need to down a survivor, hook them and get another hit in before you can benefit from it.

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