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Corvo Attano - Dishonored license killer

NitrosTropyNitrosTropy Member Posts: 10
edited August 13 in Creations

I know chances for him ale low because Arkane Studios probably will not sell license . And he is good character in Dishonored franchise but by the way.

His power are called:

Gift from Outsider

[I have no idea for description of power]

He can crouch to hide his terror radius. He can activate crouch in 30 seconds (time need to test for balance)

When he crouch he can attack survivor . After succesfull hit he stand and crouch need to recharge. (Second power button)

Activate power button for blink.  (Blink for M2)

The blink has otter than nurse.

Blink have very small area and can't teleport throught walls. For blink he need to watch ground. If he can't see ground like on hill , he can still blink but he need to grab window or Edge of hill and vault them. 

After blink he have 0,5 seconds of nothing until attack . (time to balance)

When he gonna blink he make a sound like in game the spell some loud effect , addons for quiet . And his and will some glow in yellow and clenches his fist. He can only blink 2 times at recharge time. One blink consumes 50% of the red bar. And recharge are 40 seconds for all 2 blinks (time to balance). 


Rage from the darkness.

You become obssesed with one survivor. If obssesion stun you 2 times with (with pallet , perk , or wiggling done) obssesion has got exposed status effect. After hit obbsession with statis effect perk will disable and need to recharge again. (2 stunts again) .

,,Emily , don't worry i will kill the guy what killed your mother" - Corvo Attano

For rest perks i have no idea.

Maybe behaviour if they see this have some idea .

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