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Why do I hear Ash talking when I start DbD?

I don't even own this character, but when I start up DbD and get into the main menu I hear him talking. Please, it's already annoying enough to hear him talking when he enters lobbys. Get him out of my main menu.


  • CJsDBDCJsDBD Member Posts: 85

    I cant tell you why but can confirm that this exact thing is also happening to one of my friends. Maybe it is a bug or maybe it happens to everyone who doesnt own the chapter? I own the chapter so im not sure.

  • MushwinMushwin Member Posts: 4,067

    I hear him too when i am switching to SWF, even if i haven't played him lol

  • ClocksoClockso Member Posts: 853

    i think it's because he appears sometimes sitting on the campfire in the menu

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