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Dead By Daylight is blurry on 4K Display

Hello all,

I've been noticing this frequently. My laptop has a built in 4K Display (3840x2160). When I'm in-game or on the main menus, everything is blurry. As if sharpness doesn't exist. I turned my monitor to 1080 and everything is sharp again. So it's frustrating to switch back from 4K to 1080 every time I play this game.

So I'm posting this here because since the beginning of Dead By Daylight I've had this issue and still haven't seen an improvement in this field. Can someone please update on if this could get fixed or if I just need to live in 1080 world from now on with this game... Thanks. (Sorry about the frustration, Video quality is important in this game and a blurry game makes it impossible to find high rank survivors.)


  • sliptteesslipttees Member Posts: 391

    My dream is DBD with HDR :-)

  • JonnykivJonnykiv Member Posts: 5

    What GPU is in your laptop? Have you got auto-adjust enabled or not?

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 165

    Have you tried checking the resolution scaling option in-game when running 4k? Might need adjusting.

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