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New chapter: A Haunting To Remember

LuluTheLion13LuluTheLion13 Member Posts: 52
edited August 2019 in Creations

The Ghoul

Jackson Lounge was an old man that lived in a very expensive house. He was extremely rich and helped with charities and donated money to people who really needed it. So he searched charities online and found a website, not knowing that this was a scam. 1 week later he checked his bank account and found he had no money. He told the bank everything. But there was nothing they could do. So Jackson decided to run away from everyone he knew as he was too embarrassed about telling people. He was later reported ‘missing’ and no one ever found him. But we know, that his body is in a now, Haunted Mansion.


The ghoul stalks a survivor from 12metres or more and then... SNAP!!! That survivor is immediately put into the dying state. The ghoul can only stalk every 2mins. Cool down, 2 secs


The ghoul may be a ghost. But has razor sharp teeth that will sink into a survivors flesh.


Who cares about range?

The ghoul can stalk from any distance.


The survivor doesn’t go to dying state, but will go down to injured state. You suffer no cool down and can hit a survivor straight away after stalking. Grants 100% bonus blood points in the Brutality category.

Deflected stalk

If there is more than 1 survivor in your sight. When you stalk them, 1 survivor will be put into the dying state and 1 other survivor will be put into the injured state.


Hex: Withered

Gain a token for each survivor that dies. Up to a maximum of 3 tokens.

1 token. Generator repair speeds are 15/20/25% slower.

2 tokens. Survivors will suffer from the Withered status effect and will instantly go to being injured. (Every time the survivor heals, 1min later, they will go back to being injured)

3 tokens. The last survivor will suffer from the broken status effect.


Activatable perk

When you put your mind to it. You can reach further. When in a chase for 10/7/5 seconds or more press the ‘Active ability’ button to reach out further.

Make sure to aim otherwise it won’t hit your target.

If you reach and hit your target, that survivor will go down 1 health state and will pull the survivor slightly closer to you.

Stretched has a cool down of 1min.


Activatable perk

I found a cloak of invisibility! You can now go invisible for 3/5/7 seconds!

When in a chase for 15 seconds or more, press the ‘Active ability’ button to go invisible.

If you hit your target you will immediately be visible, but if you don’t then the timer will carry on until it’s over.

Killers speed is increased by 5% while Invisihit is active.

Invisihit has a cool down of 1min 30secs


The ghoul will pick the survivor up, gobble them whole! Then the survivor rips through the ghouls body as an attempt to escape. The ghoul then uses his teeth to bite the survivors head off. Then swallows them whole. Again...

Survivor: Rosa Bell

I love exploring mansions, especially ones that are meant to be haunted. I found an extremely haunted one the other day, infact I almost died! It was so creepy and gave me the chills. Apparently an old man died in there and haunts it now. I kinda want to go back...


Brown hair and brown eyes. Hair tied back as if she was exploring. A brown backpack used for carrying her items. An explorers vest with pockets and light brown, baggy trousers. With normal blue trainers. She looks between her 20’s and 30’s.


Roots of shield

When throwing a pallet down, roots will grow all over that pallet, making it 1/1.5/2 secs longer for the killer to break!


Activatable perk

While hiding from the killer, press the ‘Active Ability’ button to moderately/considerably/tremendously change your clothing to the colour of the object next to you. (Preferably a wall) Your clothing will go back to normal the second you move.

A fellow boost

You will do anything to help your mates get away from the killer. When within 12 metres from a teammate, you and your teammate gain a speed boost of 1/3/5%. When out of range, this boost will carry on for 15 more seconds.

Map, Indoor, The Haunted Mansion

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